Best Crate Engine For The Money: 2018 Edition

After 8 hours of researching on 3 of the best crate engines available on the market, we found out that Genuine GM (10067353) 350ci / 5.7L Gen 0 Engine is the one that truely deserves your hard earned money. 

Keep scrolling down to dive into a detailed review of all three engines, and also a brief background on what crate engines are, their features and uses, and what are the factors you must consider before making a purchase.

Crate Engine to the Rescue

We love our cars. The look of a shiny and raring to go vehicle does make us feel alive. But it is important to take care of its inside machinery just as well as we take care of the outside. A car engine is the powerhouse of a vehicle. And that is why it is important to fix or replace it when the need arises. We don’t want the whole car to suffer by picking a new glossy paint coat over the pending engine replacement.

Now, the engine replacements are not the most affordable upgrades. But only if you have not heard about the crate engine. They are the affordable and quality solution for all your engine related troubles. Lately, everyone is taking note of them and reviving the life of their vehicle from inside out.

Crate engines are the modern-day answer to the requirement of a brand-new but easy on budget engine replacements. The aftermarket companies are exploring this domain and offering the customers various customized options in the form of automobile components, parts, and even ready-to-install race car engines.

The car is not much without a powerful engine. And now we can make sure that the ones we are driving are always in the best shape thanks to the crate engine. There are a number of applications of the crate engine. And with the passage of time, more and more car engineers are making it possible for every car owner around the globe to have a mechanical beast for an engine.

What is a Crate Engine – Features and Uses?

A crate engine can be defined as a brand new car engine that has been shipped in a complete form along with the cylinder heads. We can just take it out of the ‘crate’ and install it in our car directly or get a professional to do so, depending on our mechanical prowess.

Best Crate Engine For The Money

Manufactured by the experienced engine builders, they are designed and crafted to perfection. They come with a warranty card after all the final models have gone through enough quality tests to reassure us about it.

The reasonable price tag makes it possible for us to pick the crate engines over the much expensive modifications that are bound to jeopardize our total budget. The durability and mileage are other factors where a crate engine gives you a good bargain over the much expensive versions. We found it to be a small investment with massive returns.

Main Features

A lot of beneficial features make the crate engines the hot favorite of all the seasoned car enthusiasts. All these engines are brand new and fully assembled by the best people in the business. Their exemplary overall performance is the reason that their popularity has skyrocketed in the recent years.

The warranty for most of them is minimum two years that is a testament to the confidence that the manufacturers have on their product. The engines can be customized to our preferences too. Most of these engines offer various options when it comes to deciding the engine finish including the show-quality polished finish and the traditional satin finish.

Primary Uses

Crate engines can be useful in a variety of applications. This is why more and more people are resorting to incorporating them in their hot wheels. Few prime uses are:

  • A number of Motorsports Competition events such as the Asphalt, Dirt Track, Drag Racing have the participants swapping their engine for the powerful race track suitable crate engines.
  • Standard automobile engine replacement can also be done using the crate engine.
  • Heavy-duty marine engines are also created in the format of a crate engine.
  • Customized high-power crate engines are also available for the Transformers fans out there.

Factors To Consider Before Buying

The crate engines might be the next best thing created in the automobile industry. But still, we cannot go with anything that anyone presents to us. We have to take care of the few important things before finalizing our decision. The following list will surely be helpful for the same.

Brand New Over Rebuilt

There is not a vast difference between the pricing of a rebuilt model and a brand new model. But with the rebuilt model, we are actually getting an engine that has been exhausted and then rebuilt. Chances are, we will end up with a substandard quality product that will give out soon.

High Performance Crate Engines

That is not the case with a brand new crate engine. We get an engine with all the brand new parts and that is further backed by the warranty card for at least a couple of years to come. There are just so many benefits of picking a brand new engine over a rebuilt one and the almost similar price tag is surely one of them.

Pick Horsepower over Torque

The thing with horsepower is that we can always increase it later on by making slight modifications later on. But the torque stays the same for the engine from start to finish. So it is better to go with a model that has the right torque to handle everything that we plan on putting our engine through.

The torque specifications will help us in working out the acceleration of our cars. A high-performance crate engine helps us to accelerate our car as fast as we want without any delay. This way we will be leading the journey at the desirable speed every single moment of it.

Steer Clear of Fakes

A great deal of effort goes into making the fake products look just like the one most of us wish to purchase. That is why we have to be extra careful with the crate engines. The duplicate crates are a parallel industry that runs on the gullibility of the unassuming people.

That is why it is better to explore the product carefully before making the final purchase. This way we will be able to notice even the minutes of the details that might help us in steering clear of the fake rate engines. This way, all our time and money investment will only be going to the genuine crate engine that we were intending to buy originally.

Best Crate Engine For The Money

Today, we can find a lot of suitable options when we are looking for a crate engine for our pair of wheels. But few of them are worth every single penny. Below are top three of those options :

1. Genuine GM (10067353) 350ci / 5.7L Gen 0 Engine

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Main Features

As one of the best entry-level engine for optimum performance, this crate engine can be used in a variety of vehicles. This includes the cars, trucks and street rods. It has all the brand new parts which make sure that we never have to compromise on the quality.

The many components that come along with this model include painted valve covers, oil pans, and timing covers. This way you don’t have to compromise on the quality just because of the dipstick orientation. This is the perfect engine for you if you are trying to get back some life in your old car without breaking the bank.


  • It has been drilled to accommodate both left and right-hand dipstick.
  • Cast iron has been used to manufacture the strong engine heads.
  • These cylinder heads come with the 1.94-inch intake valves
  • At 1.50-inch exhaust valves, the cylinder heads are guaranteed to offer you that edge in performance.
  • This crate engine further boasts of the 76 cubic capacity combustion chambers accompanied by the 7-bolt style exhaust flanges.


  • Currently, these products are not available for international shipping process.
  • Some users report being underwhelmed by its performance on the road after installation in their respective vehicles.

2. PitsterPro PP-160-HO-Honda High Output 160cc crate engine (HONDA PORT)

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Main Features

Currently, this crate engine has been touted to be the hottest brand of the moment. Its portability and easy accessibility have helped in making it a household name across the globe. The flexibility is one of the key factors that make it a celebrated crate engine all over the world. Weighing at just 45 pounds, it is a lightweight yet powerful addition to your current set of wheels.


  • Along with this model, you are provided the oil cooler, lines, and mounting bracket.
  • The smooth operation is ensured with the help of the outer rotor ignition.
  • The basic structure of the outer setting comes along with the wiring harness, ignition coil, and CDI box.
  • The transmission mode follows the 4-up manual (N-1-2-3-4).
  • Just keep the clutch pulled in and it will start in any gear.


  • The motor could have been jetted in a better manner with a bit more attention to detail.
  • The international shipping is yet not available for this model across major international cities.

3. HPRE 427700 – Chevy 427 Racing Crate Engine 700Hp

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Main Features

This crate engine has been designed especially to give that unbeatable performance to the race car engines. All the components have been designed in a way that the friction and the extreme pressure during the deciding moments does not affect the performance even a bit.


  • The model impresses with a splendid 700+ hp specifications.
  • The fuel is used judiciously and effectively with the help of custom forged pistons(13.5-1 Compression).
  • More life is added to the engine with the help of polished aluminum valve covers.
  • With the custom grind steel billet roller cam, you achieve the next level of performance.
  • The consistency and quality of the operation are attained with the help of 4340 6.000″ H-beam connecting rods.


  • It is not suitable for the race car engines that require the engine to be gentle on the screeching tires.
  • Its durability has been a big concern with all the latest reviews pointing out the obvious pitfalls.


Our cars become our partner in the journey of life very soon. That is why it is always better to keep them updated and in proper shape. This is because you never know which sharp turn around the corner might topple the performance levels of your cherished vehicle. Crate engines are the best new solution for all your engine replacement related troubles.

Have you used a crate engine until now? Tell us how much better or worse they have made your life since their installation. Let us know what you want to read next about. We are eagerly waiting for your feedback and review in the comments section below.