Best LVLP Spray Gun For The Money: 2022 Edition

Precision is the key when it comes to the variety of tools that we use in the automobile sector. Some of them are used in the manufacturing process while others contribute towards regular maintenance.

The shades, design and every other minute detail play a key role in making or breaking its image in the market. And that is when we need gadgets like the LVLP spray gun to make that vehicle shine brightly from every aspect. The term LVLP stands for the Low-Pressure Low Volume.

When we need to be judicious and accurate with our painting strokes then we take the help of the LVLP spray gun. It atomizes the paint and gives the smoothest finish on the final surface. One of the best examples of this model in the market is the SPRAYIT SP-33500K LVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit.

What is LVLP Spray Gun – Features and Uses?

Often we find many extraordinary looking automobiles burning the asphalt and making us wish we were behind the steering in that beauty. The creator of all those striking patterns on those vehicles is the LVLP gun. They have been used for a long time in the automobile and the woodworking industries.

They have recently been employed for amplifying the appeal of everyday vehicles too for those who like a bit more flamboyance in life. These spray guns make the entire process of painting a whole lot easier from both application and cleaning perspective.

Their use is increasing drastically in a lot of other sectors too including the arts and crafts sector where people are finally exploring the various methods in which they can express their creativity with the help of these handy tools.

Catch an LVLP spray gun in action in the video below!

Main Features

LVLP spray guns have been around for quite some time. And they are not going away anytime soon. In fact, they are reinventing themselves to be even more useful in the coming time. Few of the of the main features that makes them this amazing are as follows:

High Precision

One of the many reasons that make them the irreplaceable addition to the toolkit of every professional is their remarkable precision. They are used to coat only small surfaces where we cannot afford to mess up. These LVLP spray guns make sure that we always have a steady hand.

Easy to Use and Clean

It gets extremely difficult to paint even the smallest of the surfaces if we don’t have the right tools. Thankfully, that is not a problem that we face when it comes to the LVLP spray guns. They are quite easy to use at any given time. And the process of cleaning them up after the completion of the task is quite easy also.

Lower Paint Consumption

Judicious use comes naturally with the LVLP spray guns. They have been designed in a way to atomize the paint for the sensational look and finish. A small amount of paint can go a long way with these spray guns thanks to their paint use optimization techniques.

Simple to Manoeuvre

it gets easy to perfect a job when we have got the right grip on our tools. The LVLP spray guns are known for being one of the easiest to handle and use. The fine sharp needle and the sufficient amount of air within these spray guns let us paint in the exact manner as we desire to.

Prime Uses

The LVLP spray guns can be put to a number of uses. The few notable ones are as follows:

  • These spray guns can be used to restore the shine on your favorite car or bike without breaking the bank.
  • It is extensively used in the marine domain to coat a non-corrosive layer on the critical surface thus prolonging the life of the entire structure.
  • Industrial application of the LVLP spray guns makes them suitable for painting both small and relatively large surface with the optimal amount of paint.
  • The Wood Working industry has been making good use of these tools for a very long time for creating color-rich glossy furniture.

Till now we have explored the basics and applications of the LVLP spray guns. Next, let us discover the various factors that need to be put into consideration when planning to buy an LVLP spray gun.

Factors To Consider Before Buying an LVLP Spray Gun

Buying the right LVLP gun is very important for the tasks to be performed in the desired manner. And that is why we have compiled a list of factors that need to be considered before buying an LVLP spray gun:

Type of Material

When it comes to the material of the spray gun it is always better to choose something light and durable. This way we are able to finally get a spray gun that is easy to use and does not get bothersome during uninterrupted usage.

Currently, the spray guns made out of the aluminum are considered to be the best option for both amateurs and professionals. Thus, we will be making the investment in a material that is both lightweight as well as durable.

Total Maintenance Requirement

The spray guns are a dream to use but they may or may not be that easy to maintain. Care must be taken while selecting a model that is good to use and maintain too. This is because, without proper cleaning, the total life of the spray gun might reduce tremendously.

But it is not that easy to regularly clean a spray gun that follows a complicated process. As the spray gun you buy clocks over the years, its everyday wear and tear will start accumulation causing some serious damage eventually. Regular maintenance will ensure that the wear and tear are minimal thus increasing the lifespan of the gadget.

Estimated Output

When it comes to the LVLP spray guns, the total output is measured in terms of the PSI (Pounds per Square Inch). it is usually low for almost all the popular spray gun models. However, the range of the PSI is varying from low to medium-high with the recent introductions.

This variation makes the spray gun useful for a variety of applications. And with the right set of configuration, it can be your Swiss Knife of a painting gadget! The goal should be to keep track of all the latest features and then make the decision according to their applicability.

Total Weight

The spray gun we finally pick must be lightweight more than anything. The entire process of getting that glorious look on the surface with the help of this spray gun is only possible with immense patience. And we will run out of that patience pretty soon if the structure of this LVLP spray gun is heavy and clunky.

It should be made of a light yet robust material such as aluminum so that there is no problem even when we use it for the prolonged amount of time without any break. The mode of use should be trouble free irrespective of the amount of time we wish to spend using it.

User-Friendly Working

Everyone is a beginner at one point of time or the other. And that is why it is better to go with a spray gun that is extremely user-friendly. It is not easy to use a spray gun with a complicated operation mode at the beginning itself.

And it makes no sense if we have to take the assistance of a professional just to understand its basic functioning every single time. There are a lot of LVLP spray gun models present in the market that are specially designed for the people who have no concrete experience with the spray guns.

A few crucial factors need to be taken care of when going for a suitable LVLP spray gun. The above-mentioned features are the prime criteria that will help you in making the right choice without overspending on unnecessarily complicated spray guns.

Best LVLP Spray Gun for the Money: Detailed Reviews

Today, the market is flooded with many amazing LVLP spray guns. So it becomes increasingly difficult to select just one out of them. We have made this job simple for you with the list of following five contenders:

1.  SPRAYIT SP-33000 LVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun

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Main Features

This spray gun comes handy for a number of different purposes. We can use it in a variety of domain with the same ease such as the automobiles, marine, woodworking, and industries. They are designed in a way to work exceptionally we with the minimal amount of air pressure and residual overspray.


  • It comes in the form of a one-piece lightweight aluminum gun body.
  • The total capacity of the accompanying plastic cup is 20 oz./0.6 l.
  • Paint application is made even more precise with the help of several adjustable controls including the ones for fluid, fan pattern, and air.
  • The average working pressure for this model is 28-45 PSI and the maximum pressure is 60 PSI.
  • The total Air consumption amounts to 3.5 to 3.9 CFM at the rate of 30 PSI.


  • The working process is more like the HPHV spray gun rather than the LVLP.
  • After cleaning it properly after dismantling, the reassembling process gets really troublesome.

2. Ampro A6034 Low Volume Low-Pressure LVLP Spray Gun Set, 3-Piece

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Main Features

Efficient usage of the available amount of paint is the prime goal of this LVLP. And that feature will help in making it pay for itself in just a couple of years. This spray gun comes with a total of two spray guns. Each one of them is equipped with aluminum paint cups with the total capacity of 1 liter.


  • Nozzle and needle are color-coded which helps in easy identification during the actual painting process.
  • The red ring on the relevant components indicates the 1.3mm needle and nozzle option.
  • For the 7mm needle and nozzle option, you need to go with the blue ring for getting the desired result.
  • The air cap set is precision machined which helps in getting that ultimate accuracy which is not possible with any of its latest counterparts.
  • The total length of each spray pattern lies somewhere in the range of 7-to-11-inches.


  • The orange peel effect stays no matter which combination of solutions you try afterward.
  • We cannot use the latex paint to give the desired result with this LVLP spray gun.

3. Astro EVOT13 EuroPro Forged LVLP Spray Gun with 1.3mm Nozzle and Plastic Cup

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Main Features

The Spray Gun comes with the Plastic Cup. It comprises a 1.3mm Nozzle that has been providing with a forged body for longer tool life. This is, in turn, is further anodized for corrosion protection so that you can proliferate the life of this spray gun and make good use of it or years to come.


  • To enable the simpler and faster cleaning, the stainless steel needle, as well as the fluid tip, comes with a slick finish.
  • The entire operation of this spray gun works on an ‘air curtain’ pattern for the better quality of end result.
  • This mechanism helps in superior transfer efficiency of the paint thus reducing the paint consumption tremendously.
  • Also, the total amount of the overspray and pollution levels is also kept to a minimum via this technique.
  • We get the fatigue minimizing soft trigger pull along with lubricated adjustment knobs that offer unprecedented control over the spray gun.


  • The paint atomization feature s not active at all for this spray gun.
  • Paint dilution is required to almost zero percentage for getting the desired result.

4. SPRAYIT SP-33500K LVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit

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Main Features

This specific LVLP spray gun has been known to require a lot less air and hence even smaller air compressor. A lot of surfaces can be covered with the help of this spray gun in a very small amount of time. The overspray levels are minimum that makes it all the more suitable for consistent usage.


  • Maximum working pressure for this spray gun is 60 PSI and the average working pressure is 28-45 PSI.
  • The Fan Pattern for this particular spray gun ranges from 4.0′ inches to 10.9 inches.
  • Both nozzles and fluid stainless steel needles are corrosion resistant to this particular model.
  • The fan patterns can be controlled according to the current task and are separate from the air controls.
  • The whole adjustment process for the spray gun is extremely easy that makes it all the more useful for all kinds of applications.


  • The packaging of the material is not good at all.
  • It is difficult to get a consistent spray pattern with this spray gun.

5. SPRAYIT SP-33310K LVLP Spray Gun Kit

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Main Features

These spray guns are known for providing the effortless and stellar performance that we crave for from our respective LVLP spray guns. The lightweight aluminum body and corrosion resistant interiors make it a wise investment irrespective of whether you are going to use it occasionally or every single day.


  • It works best along with the low viscosity and fast drying paints such as the lacquers, enamels, stains, and urethane.
  • The low overspray ratio makes it perfect for use when we are running low on both paint and time.
  • The additional items which we get along with this product include the extra spanner, brush, socket and diaphragm air regulator.
  • This spray gun is best for applying paint in the desired pattern in case of the home, furniture and automotive applications.
  • The support service for both technical troubles and replacement process is extremely efficient.


  • Works great but only as compared to the spray guns in its price range.
  • The quality of the material being used in its body is of cheap quality.


The LVLP spray guns are rapidly becoming an indispensable item in every professional and household toolkit. The application varies from being a new hobby to yet another exciting project to finish. A lot of industries are adopting it rapidly and discovering the many ways it can make their life better in an easy manner. The SPRAYIT SP-33500K LVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun Kit is still the best choice for everyone who wishes to try their hand at one.

Have you used an LVLP spray gun until now? If no then which one are you most likely to buy? Let us know all in the comment section below. Also, give us your valuable feedback so that we can make this space even more beneficial for you.