Most Powerful 8 Inch Subwoofer (Mega Guide): 2022 Edition

Update – January 2022 [We have added a new subwoofer brand at #9 to make this list more up-to-date.]

If you’re looking for a quick verdict, here you go:

[9 leading subwoofer brands, 12 hours and a lot of careful analysis led us to the conclusion that the BOSS Audio Systems CXX8 8 Inch Car Subwoofer is the best 8-inch subwoofer out there. It comes with the powerful 3-year platinum warranty supported by an unbeatable brand legacy.

Only about 30 dollars can also lead you to a pretty decent Planet Audio AC8D 1200 Watt, 8 Inch, Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil Car Subwoofer for the time being. At this price, it is hard to believe the incredible performance that it delivers but it will definitely prove to be worth your time and money.]

We recommend you to read all product reviews till the end, so that you’re fully equipped to make the final buying decision.

Factors To Consider Before Buying

So woofers and subwoofers, what’s the difference exactly? Well, not much but if we are getting all technical then just know that subwoofer is used to boost the frequency band below the 30 Hz level. On the other hand, the woofers deal with the frequencies above this level.

Your vehicle deserves the best sound system and a good level of research in the same vein on your part.

Ground Zero Concerns

Here, we have made this tiring job vastly simpler for you and put together the main factors you need to consider when you are in the market for a brand new subwoofer.

Type of Enclosure

The type of enclosure you use for the subwoofer greatly affects the voice amplification process. Place it within a sealed box to get the highest level of bass boost. Go for the bandpass or ported enclosures when you want to increase the volume level noticeably.

Voice Coil Count

Subwoofers with a single coil are pretty common. But you get a good boost in the overall audio system handling with the help of dual coil variant. This version contains two completely different loops that are connected separately and mounted over a cylinder.

Range of Frequency

This is one of the most important factors that you need to pay attention to. This range will give you an idea of how well the subwoofer in question can reproduce the bass for the low frequencies. Take into account the lower limit of this range that will give you a clear idea of the lowest frequency range that it can capture and reproduce the bass for.


It decides the power consumption that will be required to produce a certain level of sound. Just pick two random subwoofers with different power ratings. The sound produced by the subwoofer with lower sensitivity can easily be matched with a far lower power consumption with a subwoofer that has higher sensitivity.

Power Rating

The RMS power rating and the Peak power rating of a subwoofer will give you a pretty clear idea of how powerful a bass can it produce. Also, match the power output value of the amplifier with the power handling of the subwoofer to make sure that the final audio system that you put together for your car is perfectly in sync.

These are the select few factors that can make or break your car audio system depending upon how attentive you are towards their details during the purchase.

Price Tip

You need to buy smart to actually have a decent budget-luxury balance in your life. Read on to know when and where to splurge:

$150 and above

You will find the best of the lot with just as much as 150 dollars. You can get yourself the loudest and finest 8-inch subwoofer out there with this price mark. You can save up a bit or wait for that black Friday sale if you are ready for that top-shelf addition to your home system.


Superior sound quality can make so much difference to your entire home-theatre or house party experience. It will always be well worth the investment.

$50 to $150

If all you could save up this season was 50 dollars and you needed a new subwoofer like yesterday then you can still get one! Market is full of good quality 8-inch subwoofers in the price range of 50 to 150 dollars.

You can keep an eye out for the weekend deals at the mall or weekly deals on Amazon and other online stores. There are enough hidden gems available in this price range.

Under $50

You are in luck here since the competitive market scenario has finally worked out in your favor. The next level affordable 8-inch subwoofers can be bought from so many different reliable brands. You can get one for as low as 25 dollars with 6 months warranty.

You can even get a much more expensive refurbished subwoofer within this price range too. It can be a solid deal with proper verification of the product and the seller.

These are the key price points of 8-inch subwoofers in the market at the moment.

Subwoofer Surround Material Used

A fine quality material is used inside the cone of a subwoofer. This helps to keep the cone in place at all times to give a silky-smooth musical experience. The main job if this material wrap is to neither absorb nor distort the vibrations coming from the device. It is required to be durable and flexible for this role. Following are the three main materials popularly used for this purpose:


The best material to be used in the vehicle subwoofers. It is known for being highly resistant to the weather fluctuations. Also, it comes with remarkable durability. This high-end material will be the perfect protection for the subwoofers in your vehicle or anywhere else. And you will be tension-free regarding the safety of your devices.


You go with this when you can’t afford to splurge but you are also looking from something at least semi-decent. The foam might not be just cutting it for your subwoofer here.

And it is better to upgrade then buy a whole new one. It is still very durable and malleable without breaking the bank. You can count on it to offer a protective shell to the subwoofer even in trying conditions.


The most affordable and commonly available of all three has to be the foam. They don’t need a lot of investment and you can replace them as easily when you think its time. This is why it is also popular among the manufacturers.

It makes it easy for them in the cost front and hence they can offer a more competitive pricing in the marketplace. This material is good enough to do its job of shielding the grounding the subwoofer cone, enough for this price range.

These are the three main materials being used in the 8-inch subwoofer category as of now.

Type of Basket in the Subwoofer Structure

The basket, also known as the web or the harness, is use to keep the coils and cone in place. This component helps in maintaining the overall structural integrity of the subwoofer. The three main types of baskets here are Hybrid, Cast and Stamped. Keep reading to know aa about them below:


Currently, the hybrid basket is leading this race in terms of utility. As the name suggests, they are mix of the best features of the stamped and the cast baskets. It demonstrated exceptional heat resistance just like the cast baskets.

And is known to be extremely tough similar to the stamped basket. Their popularity may also stem from them being actually very lightweight. They keep everything in place without adding to the baggage of your vehicle and hence your journeys. They are the ultimate choice here.


High performance requires steady performance consistently. And that is where the cast baskets shine. They are better geometry and bigger windows that helps with letting out the back-wave more seamlessly. Usually, you will not require the magnets to the warped here since they are much stiffer in their design.

The heat dissipation here is excellent that allows you to use it non-stop for hours on end even in the worst of summers. The adds to the lifespan of your subwoofer too thus acting as an added insurance for your purchase. A lot of premium subwoofer brands trust the cast basket for their innovations.


The stamp basket is quite affordable for the manufacturers to add into the device. This makes a significance dent in the pricing of the subwoofer. They are the most rigid of all three hence they offer a solid support to the subwoofer from within even in case of a heavy-handed use.

A variety of sounds and vibrations can resonate with this basket. They maintain the structure through and through for years to come without needing expensive tools and servicing trips. You can easily DIY them too with little experience without worrying too much about messing them up.

Personally, we think that the hybrid basket is most well-suited out of all three for the varied usage of your subwoofer in the following years.

Types of Subwoofers

The two main types of subwoofers you will have to choose from are as follows:

Passive Subwoofer

If you have a lot of room and time to explore then go with this one. It comes without an in-built amplifier. That means you need to buy one of those too now. But it also gives you a lot of room to tinker with the audio experience.

Passive Subwoofer

If you are really into the musical experience then you will definitely want to play the technology God with this option. You will need extra cables and knick-knacks too to keep things connected and in place while you invent new ways to get your money’s worth from your latest subwoofer.

Powered Subwoofer

This is what you buy when you live in a studio apartment in the big city and are on the move most of the time. You don’t have time to experiment because, well, you don’t want to. So, you get your in-built amplifier with this one that is calibrated, synced and set in all the other ways too it gives you that expected experience.

However, it might cost you a lot more than the passive one. And you lose out on the entire thing when it breaks down. There is not much to repurpose here. Also, the sound quality difference the two is not that much. Unless, you are a bit too particular about how your subwoofer chooses to breathe.

We vote for the powered subwoofer here. We have the interweb, we don’t need to go out of our way to choose complications with DIY subwoofers.

Types of Cone Material

The cone needs to be in place at all times to achieve distortion-free music. We need a material here that will help in amplifying and focusing the sound without compromising on the sturdiness of the cone.


The material is extremely cheap which translated directly to its pricing and popularity. You will be hard-pressed to find more economical options than this one. But it shows in the substandard quality of the pitch return and resonance.

You will find this in mostly the low to mid-range subwoofers. But its still worth a try if your subwoofer preferences are just experimenting and feeling lucky that day.

Carbon Fiber

It is light and cheap very easily available. But you will find it in a lot of low-end subwoofers. It is nice for a trip or a long weekend where you don’t care whether you return with your subwoofer or not.

We do need something that can use as the new disposable cameras! Or the return gifts when you have 1000 guests on the list. This can be that polite affordable gesture.


This one is rigid and can outlast even the subwoofer itself. This one might not be dirt cheap but still within the medium pricing range. This material is known for its durability. However, you won’t find it in a lot of subwoofers because it alters the scape of the sound thus interfering with the audio precision. Not a lot of manufacturers use it in their products because of this reason.

Treated Paper

The cone constructions and the diaphragm use a lot of treated paper. Durable coatings are applied onto this woven paper that is know for being sufficiently flexible. It is most commonly used in this category of subwoofers. You will find them to be exceptionally lightweight too.


The best quality of cone material today has to be the Kevlar. It is use in a lot of expensive and quality subwoofers. This material has that desirable combo of being lightweight and durable. On top it that, it offers next level sound amplification. It is known for its reliability in both performance and durability.

Kevlar has to be obvious choice here for us.

Basic Handling Tips


You need to separately tune all the components in connected with your subwoofer system. And then tune the subwoofer. Do this after the installation process to get best sound quality. This step is forgotten most of the time but you will notice massive difference when you try it with your next upgrade. Before you return or discard, give this tuning a try.

Separate Subwoofers

Well, its not as impractical as it sounds. If you listen to the same kind of music day and night and will continue to do so then fine. Otherwise, it just makes sense to get subwoofers that support different kind of music genres like techno, dance, hip-hop, jazz etc. Get a cheaper model if this sounds too opulent at first. And then see how you were doing life wrong all this while!

Upgrade the Car System

Next, we have the factory speakers in the car. They at best are going to be delightfully generic because they were made to be palatable for almost anyone that will be willing to buy that car that day. One of the best ways to make your car music seem more like your own is by replacing the car speakers with your preferred ones. This will add to the clarity and tight bass effect of your car system.

Car Music System


You can put the subwoofer in an enclosure made out of a sturdy box. It is not that uncommon to get one with your car or with the subwoofer if you do a deep-dive for one. But you can easily make one for yourself too. Fill this enclosure with polyester fibre and make sure it is sealed properly on all side. This will clear bass tone and lower unwanted resonance. Adjust the volume and you are good to go.

 Bigger Amplifier

The distortion tells you when and what to replace. If you like your music loud but it has been full of distortion since you bought it then you need a bigger amplifier. Distortion at higher volume signals to an amplifier that is just screeching after being forced beyond its caliber. So, turn down the amp’s gain of the sub and get a bigger subwoofer and amplifier combo.

Type of Enclosure

You wound thing it does not but the type of enclosure actually makes a very noticeable difference in the bass performance. For low and deep frequencies, you will be needing a subwoofer in a sealed box. Most of the time you will get a pre-mounted box. Bandpass and ported enclosure will enhance the volume range of your subwoofer. Try out different types of enclosures and tell us in the comments below about your wins and losses.

These tips and tricks can help you in making the right decision while getting your next favorite subwoofer.

Best 8 Inch Subwoofer

We have curated a list of the best 8-inch subwoofers in the market at present. Take a look to decide which one will be most suited to your car’s audio system.

1. Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8 8″ Dual 2-Ohm Punch Series Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer

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Main Features

These shallow mount woofers bring the same bass punch in a more contained pack for the music lovers. You can surely benefit from it if your car does not have a proper place for the subwoofers and other audio enhancements. Get them for your car today at just under 105 dollars.


  • The build quality and overall appearance are top-notch.
  • Deep bass and crystal clear sound are the two key highlights of this brand.
  • The dual coil will enhance the audio tremendously for your car music purposes.
  • These subwoofers will save a ton of space that will help you to get other necessary audio equipment fitted comfortably.
  • The installation process is extremely easy thus making it possible for you to do it yourself.


  • You need to invest in a good quality enclosure to enjoy its full range services.
  • You can easily find other louder subwoofers in the same range.

2. Sundown Audio X-8 V.2 D2 8″ Dual 2-Ohm XV2 Series Car Subwoofer

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Main Features

The brand is a hit among the bassheads who refuse to settle for anything but the best. This subwoofer is able to hit the deepest bass notes offering you a surreal music experience. You can actually see the difference in the depth and clarity of its sound as compared to its other counterparts. Currently, you can score it well within the 320 dollars mark.


  • The dual voice coils present will offer you a better number of wiring options.
  • Its build quality of these subwoofers is amazing for this price range.
  • Are one of the most affordable subwoofer models in the market at the moment.
  • Comes with the Solid Pole piece that contains machined air channels for improved voice coil cooling.
  • Have been optimized efficiently for the small ported enclosures.


  • The warranty does not cover the shipping charges for both ways.
  • It might bottom out on the lowest frequencies.

3. 8W7AE-3 – JL Audio 8″ Single 3-Ohm W7 Subwoofer Anniversary Edition (8W7-3)

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Main Features

It comes with a variety of amazing features including the rotating ear cup. This makes it possible to easily position it and also pick between the single sided and shoulder rest styles, depending upon your preference. If you pair these up then they give the same effect of a professional 15 inches subwoofer. At just around 525 dollars, you can add it to your car sound system easily.


  • The DMA – Optimized Motor System gives it a better and consistent power boost.
  • An easy installment is ensured with the help of single 4ohms coil and spring loaded terminals on the same side.
  • Peak power rating for this subwoofer is 500 W which is pretty impressive for its price range.
  • Massive Aluminum Alloy Frame cooled by forced air makes it sturdy and durable.
  • You can save a lot of space with them considering their highly portable and compact packaging.


  • It might not be the loudest subwoofer out there in its price range.
  • You might receive a faulty product if you don’t buy it from the suggested sites/locations.

4. Planet Audio AC8D 1200 Watt, 8 Inch, Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil Car Subwoofer

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Main Features

This subwoofer has amazing power handling capabilities which are responsible for its long-standing success record among its customers. You get a number of setup options with this subwoofer thus making it easier on you and your car space. At a price of well below the 30 dollars margin, it is buyer’s daydream come true.


  • It can easily reach the 1200 W peak power level that does wonders to your audio system’s sound.
  • This model offers amazing listening experience and the deepest bass boost.
  • Works perfectly with the factory installed stereo that minimizes a lot of work for its users.
  • The amazingly robust polypropylene cone is enclosed within the foam casing to offer a more durable and natural sound effect.
  • The aluminum-based dual voice coils are non-magnetic and highly resistant to corrosion.


  • The installation process might require an expert for proper setup.
  • Its sound quality gets vastly affected by the enclosure you end up choosing for it.

5. CT Sounds Meso 8 inch Car Subwoofer 800w RMS Dual 4 Ohm

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Main Features

Good price and great performance is the motto of this subwoofer brand. And so far it is translating well into the content customer experience. The ratings of 800W RMS and 1600W MAX seem impossible for an 8-inch subwoofer but somehow this brand makes it possible. At just 200 dollars, you can get it now and experience its allure.


  • Best kind of magnets have been used in its structure for that elusive high-quality sound.
  • It offers one of the loudest volume levels for an 8-inch subwoofer that makes the listening experience all the more transcendent.
  • The sturdy and robust basket frame present ensures that the subwoofer remains unharmed irrespective of the usage style.
  • Its highly versatile and easily compatible with a number of cars and audio systems.
  • Can easily handle the frequencies as low as 30 Hz without any problem.


  • The price might not make it feasible for a good number of interested car owners.
  • High power input forced for long duration might cause a thermal breakdown.

6. Pioneer TS-SWX2002 8″ Shallow-Mount Pre-Loaded Enclosure

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Main Features

As one of the best performing subwoofer at present, the Pioneer TS-SWX2002 8″ Shallow-Mount Pre-Loaded Enclosure is world renowned for its powerful audio output. Its sturdy structure and amazing performance will give you all the more reasons to make this sound investment at just about 130 dollars.


  • The push terminals are designed in a manner to save space and be easily fitted in vertical and horizontal position.
  • Its precise and high-quality sound can be attributed to the MICA injection-molded resin cone.
  • The compact structure is perfect for most of the open air and tight spaces.
  • With its dual-spider design, it can produce loud volume for hours non-stop.
  • The RMS power rating of 150W is outstanding for such a factory audio system.


  • Separate mounting is required for the best possible results.
  • Power capability is not as strong as the other subwoofer models in its class.

7. Skar Audio VVX-8v3 D4 800 W Max Power Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer, 8″ H

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Main Features

The Skar Audio VVX-8v3 D4 800 W Max Power Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer focuses on the sound detail by capturing and giving proper definition to even the faintest beats. It has a highly durable body and brilliant sound mechanics. Buy it at the reasonable price range of just about 90 dollars.


  • It comes with zero risk factor related to the burning out, blowing and overheating troubles.
  • Has the sound grade fit for the toughest and most demanding competitions.
  • The competition-grade paper cone, advanced cooling system, and the custom tooled basket make it almost unbeatable.
  • Its compact design turns it into a highly portable and versatile option.
  • The massive triple stack motor and high-temp 2-inch copper voice coil maintain the perfect audio efficiency even at high levels.


  • The sensitivity is quite low when compared with other subwoofers of similar configuration.
  • You might find it a bit challenging to get just the right enclosure for it.

8. Kicker 40CWD84 8″ CompD Car Subwoofer – Each (Black)

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Main Features

The CES award holder for engineering and design has a lot of tricks up its sleeve when it comes to delivering mind-blowing sound quality. This small wonder can generate the earth-shaking bass bubble that is just what you need on your commute back home. Buy them pronto before they cross their roundabout 60 dollars price range.


  • It gives you full control over the bass and sound quality with a number of handy features.
  • The remote bass control, a phase – canceling switch, adjustable low-pass crossover and variable bass boost let you customize the sound and bass as per your mood.
  • The 150-watt inbuilt amplifier further extends the sound quality horizon for you.
  • Ease of installation and the compact size makes it possible for you to use it as and where you like.
  • Fine – tuning of the sound is possible with this subwoofer without any kind of trouble.


  • If you have experienced the best among the subwoofer then this model might underwhelm you a bit.
  • The durability might be an issue if you are not a careful user.

9. BOSS Audio Systems CXX8 8 Inch Car Subwoofer – 600 Watts Maximum Power, Single 4 Ohm Voice Coil, Easy Mounting, Sold Individually

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Main Features

This single voice coil subwoofer offers amazing clarity with varying pitch. For now, it is priced at just 30 dollars.


  • The durable and resilient Polypropylene can help this subwoofer last a lifetime while supporting the audio quality.
  • It has a Stamped Basket that has high temperature and corrosion resistance qualities.
  • This basket also offers high thermal as well as electrical conductivity and good mechanical property.
  • The voice coils can easily withstand challenging strength and fatigue situations.
  • Its rubber cone helps in absorbing the wear and tear without transferring it to the device.


  • The voice coil might blow up with rough usage.
  • Its rubber cone may not stay intact.

These were the top 9 subwoofer models that are ruling the car audio market at the moment.

Need guidance for installing a subwoofer in your car? This video might just be what you need.


A car without good music becomes a lonely and tiring journey to the saddest destination. Therefore, you need to be extra careful before making the purchase so that you don’t end up with a substandard purchase that you grudgingly have to put up with every day.

Our recommendation is the BOSS Audio Systems CXX8 8 Inch Car Subwoofer for adding life to your car and journeys. Its impressive 600 watts of power handling and metallic black finish adds that perfect oomph to your road trips.

We hope that you got the necessary information from our guide for making your next informed purchase.

Do you agree with our top picks? What else do you want us to mention in our product reviews? Tell us all about it in the comment section below. Also, forward this post to your kith and kin so that they can also benefit from it just like you did!