Best Octane Booster For Cars Reviews: 2022 Edition

We carefully analyzed 6 major octane booster brands for over 10 hours. And now, we can say with full confidence that the Klotz Octane Booster (128 Ounce Gallon) is currently the best of the lot. It provides the right performance boost to your vehicle while maintaining it in premium shape.

If you have only about 20 dollars left in your pocket then go for the Lucas LUC10026 15 Ounce Octane Boost and thank us later. You will get just the right lift that you are looking in the performance of your car even when you are circling the bottom of the barrel, money-wise.

You might remember the term ‘octane boosters’ from all those mobile and PC racing games that used to keep you busy and might still do. These octane boosters are very much real and they are actually used in the racing cars for improved speed and better controls.

Here is a fun video that shows an octane booster in action. Enjoy!

Let us take a quick look at all the factors that need to be considered for picking the right octane booster.

Factors To Consider Before Buying

Just because you don’t own a racing car or don’t regularly participate in the Grand Prix does not mean that your car cannot use this performance booster. It can come pretty handy for cars with powerful engines. The main factors to consider before buying an octane booster are:

Total Octane Boost

So the fuel-air mixture already has the octane compounds present within it. This compound helps in smooth burning of the fuel and hence better and more stable performance. The octane boost rating is the technical specification that refers to the ratio by which the additive can improve the presence of octane compounds without your engine.


We are not encouraging you to go for the costliest brand in the market. But don’t pick the cheapest one either. Do a bit of research and pick the brand that hits just the right spot with respect to the performance and price for you. And don’t shy away from spending a few extra bucks within reason on your purchase if it comes with proven benefits.

Customer Reviews

Whether it is a Youtube video or an online product, the comments and reviews are always the most entertaining and often enlightening part of this interaction. You can save a lot of time and money if you just spend a few extra minutes going through the customer review section. This makes the online shopping portals all the more useful even when you are buying something for the very first time. And guess what, we already did all the grinding and prepared this review for you!

Compatibility Ease

The engine that powers your vehicle is not compatible with all kinds of octane boosters out there. It will save you a lot of trouble if you figure out the main types of octane boosters that do wonders to your car. And stay away completely from the ones that make your car behave like an untamed horse.

Usage Frequency

Your lifestyle comes with a cost. With every cent you spend on a particular commodity or service, you are taking away from all other options that you could have opted for. So before you make this transaction, analyze if your driving style will actually benefit from adding this new feature to it. If yes then go for it!

These are the few factors you need to keep in mind to bring home a useful octane booster for your car.

Best Octane Booster For Cars

We have carefully put together our own list of the best octane boosters out there. Read on to know all about them.

1. STP Octane Booster (5.25 fluid ounces), 78574, Fuel Additive

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Main Features

This additive helps in cleaning up the system and restoring it to its old glory. It will improve the horsepower and acceleration of your car. The extra unwanted carbon buildup can also be eliminated with its help without much trouble. As of now, you can get it at just under the 12 dollars mark.


  • Demonstrates full compatibility with the gas systems that lack cap.
  • Regular use on a full tank can reap the best results for you.
  • It is a dual purpose formula for octane boost and automatic system cleaning.
  • Pinging and Knocking is reduced to a minimum with its help.
  • Has been around five glorious decades delivering unbeatable performance.


  • Smaller bottles come with very little product, considering the price.
  • The package may or may not be damaged in some cases.

2. Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 Octane Booster – 15 oz (Pack of 12)

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Main Features

The formula has left behind the competition by performing three times better than most of the brands. Oxygen sensors, turbos and various other kinds of engines that different cars run on are compatible with this product. You just need to spare something in the range of 90 dollars to make this automobile elixir a part of your vehicle upkeep.


  • Carbureted and fuel injected engines benefit from this booster tremendously.
  • Comes in a pack of 12 to give you a good value for money.
  • Better fuel burning and fewer emissions are achieved with its help.
  • You can easily use just a single 15 oz. Bottle for up to 25 gallons of fuel.
  • Use a mix of regular fuel and this octane booster instead of the much costlier premium fuel and still get the same performance.


  • The fuel consumption might skyrocket after its use.
  • The claims made by the manufacturer might not stand true for all kinds of engines.

3. Torco F500010TE Unleaded Fuel Accelerator

Main Features

This octane booster can be used in a variety of vehicles to achieve the desired spike in overall driving operation. Watercraft, snowmobile, cars, ATV and various other automotive entities can benefit with its help. With a price of about 31 dollars, you can really get a driving upgrade with this octane booster in an affordable price range.


  • You don’t need to worry about the sensitive catalytic converters and oxygen sensors with this additive.
  • The octane value for your car can reach the 105 octanes mark with the right ratio combination with the fuel.
  • It consists of a component blend that can easily transform your premium fuel to the roaring race fuel.
  • The high octane value requirement of your powerful engines can be met easily with its help.
  • You just need to use at max half a bottle on a full tank of gas every time.


  • It might not be able to increase the octane value for all kind of engines.
  • The oxygen sensor of your vehicle can get inversely impacted with this additive.

4. Klotz Octane Booster, 128 Ounce Gallon

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Main Features

It is made up of synthetics completely which removes any concerns that one might have about the chemical use. The massive gallon packaging gives you a good bargain if you are a frequent user. At slightly above the 50 dollars price margin, it is not a bad deal for your vehicle.


  • Especially recommended for the gasoline and ethanol rich fuels for improved service.
  • Absorbs the moisture quite effectively to remove any kind of damage that it might have gotten your car into.
  • The value of the pump gasoline octane can be increased upto 10 numbers with its help.
  • Improves the lubricity within the engine with the help of added Tetraethyl lead substitute.
  • Burn speed can be controlled in a better manner while stabilizing the flame front at the same time.


  • It might cause discoloration to the plastic, fiberglass and the paint.
  • The vehicle performance enhancement claims don’t stand true uniformly.

5. Lucas LUC10026 15 Ounce Octane Boost

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Main Features

Good price, great performance, and a steady value for money – these are few of the many benefits that you get when you buy a 16-ounce bottle of the Lucas LUC10026 15 Ounce Octane Boost. And you have to shell out well below 20 dollars to enjoy all that this amazing octane booster has to offer.


  • Extremely easy to use in almost all kinds of engines and vehicles.
  • The affordable price tag lets you test out its benefits without incurring a heavy price.
  • Almost total elimination of the spark knocks has been reported with its use.
  • Receive better octane boost as compared to other brands that come at double its price.
  • Catalytic converters, turbos, and oxygen sensors are not harmed in any manner with it.


  • Might cause certain deposits to accumulate on the engine with extended use.
  • The noise and vibration within the engine may increase upon using it.

6. Race-Gas 100032 Race Fuel Concentrate 100 to 105 Octane

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Main Features

A very effective alternative to racing fuel, it is a tested and patented product from the house of RaceGas. The octane value can be raised till the 105 octane mark by mixing it with the pump gas. It improves the chemical energy of the engine to interact better during the combustion process. Under 35 dollars price tag makes this octane booster all the more desirable to regular users.


  • Does not contain any traces of alcohol for cleaner and better combustion output.
  • The fuel system components are not harmed in any manner with its application.
  • An unleaded and patented formula has been used in its creation.
  • Boats, tractors, ATVs, motorcycles are the myriad of vehicles that can use it for that extra boost.
  • Quite affordable as compared to the premium racing fuel that it can easily substitute.


  • Might react badly with the oxygen sensors on certain occasions.
  • A bit on the expensive side as compared to other octane boosters.

These six octane boosters are our best picks and we hope you get the required information from our brief but very saturated details.

How To Use Octane Booster

The usage of octane boosters is pretty simple. You need to take care of 4 basic steps and you will be able to utilize it in the right manner for the betterment of your vehicle.

1. Identify Octane Level

Higher is not always better. You need to check the user manual or the gas cap of your vehicle and find out the right octane number. This way you will be using the right octane booster that will save your vehicle from the under-performance woes.

2. Pick your Brand

There are various boxes to check before you end up with the right octane booster. The street legality, MMT quality and a lot of other variables are there that need to be denoted the correct value relative to your vehicle to help you to make the right choice.

3. Mix it Right

Check the rating on the back of the octane booster and do the maths for getting the right fuel to booster ratio. Add the additive before filling up the tank so that the fuel gets the opportunity to mix up well with the booster. Sometimes the numbers might be misleading and you will get the accurate mix ratio only after a bit of trial and error.

4. Give It Time

Add a fuel stabilizing product if you don’t plan to use your vehicle that frequently after adding the booster. This way you won’t have to suffer through the ‘phase separation’ trouble when the excess water gathers up and damages the engine significantly. Still, give it some miles after the addition process to actually notice the rewards that come with your latest purchase.

You can make good use of the octane booster of your choice by simply following the steps mentioned above in the right sequence.


The speed and performance are the deciding factors for any vehicle. At the end of the day, you want to have a smooth and drive without sacrificing on the acceleration front. According to us, Klotz Octane Booster (128 Ounce Gallon) is a safe bet for your car. It gives you all the benefits without you having to go through the undesirable pitfalls.

Did we help you in making the right choice for your car? Tell us in the comment section below. Share this piece of information with your family and friends to keep them updated too on the latest proceedings of the automobile world.