Best Car Wax For Silver (And Other) Cars [Mega Guide]: 2022 Edition

Update – January 2022

[We have added a new car wax at #8 to make this list more exhaustive and current for our readers. Another quick update, product #7 has been discontinued on Amazon for now.]

A total of 8 amazing car wax brands researched for over 11 hours led us to the informed decision that the T-Cut Gray Scratch Remover Color Fast Paintwork Restorer Car Polish is the best car wax for silver cars. You can get a glossy finish and a refreshed paint coat with this amazing innovation.

But you don’t need to worry even if you cannot afford this one at the moment. Just scrap together round about 20 dollars and get the Meguiar’s G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax for your silver beast. You will be able to get an acceptable result even with this one till the time you are able to save up and upgrade to our premium choice.

Silver is a tricky color to upkeep on a car. But a silver car comes with its own charm. You just need to be a bit more careful while picking up a suitable car wax for this shade since it needs to assimilate and revive the old shine simultaneously.

Factors To Consider Before Buying

You cannot just wake up one day, decide to be a responsible car owner and yet buy any random car wax. When it comes to car waxes, the right fit is very important. Here, we are discussing the main factors that you should take a mental note of before making the final transaction.

Types of Waxes

Today we have three main types of waxes in the market- liquid, paste and spray wax. Now depending upon your requirement, you can pick the corresponding option. Go for the spray wax when you want an easy application with almost zero stains on the plastic. Pick paste wax when you want easy application along with durability.

Car Abrasion

A clear coat finish is usually the final goal with car wax. We want our car to finally look almost brand new and definitely without any haze or stain over it. But the minute particles and chemicals in the wax composition may disrupt the surface and make the car look duller than before.

Plastic on Car

Sometimes, you might get the wax residue over the plastic components of your car including the panels, bumper, and other parts. You must always use a plastic cleaner for removing this residue to properly take care of all the haze and abrasion causing particles.

Age of Car

A car still retains most of its shine within a couple of years of use. You don’t need to do any heavy-lifting to make it shine like a brand new model. It is the older cars that have oxidized and show all the signs of being a car in good use that needs special attention. In this case, go for the liquid wax which will bring back and maintain the shine for the most part.

These are the few key factors that you need to pay attention to while buying a car wax for your silver car.

Carnauba vs Synthetic Wax

If only our cars can stay looking brand new forever. But, we sure love to try with car waxes. That is why we all have been waxing our cars ever since we got our first one. It is still the most effective way to keep the car’s paint safe from the harsh sun rays, dirt, and pollution. Let us take a closer look at the two main car wax options available in the market today.

Carnauba Wax

The classic car wax choice has been Carnauba wax till about five decades ago. The past 50 years have seen the synthetic car wax market expand manifolds. But more on that later. Let us first discuss what makes the Carnauba a crowd favorite until today.

For starters, there is nothing that can give your car that glossy wet look like the Carnauba wax does. Car owners all over the world have been using the Carnauba wax for generations for protecting their automobile’s paint. Its compounds are extracted from the Copernicia Prunifera plant.

Its groves are found in northeast Brazil at Piauí, Ceará, and Rio Grande do Norte. The raw compounds need to be processed first with oils and solvents. This loosens up its hard exterior to form a usable liquid. It is a naturally available renewable resource.

Pros and Cons

Before you order a gallon of it, let us examine its pros and cons. The major pro is, of course, the outstanding result that we get which is hard to be replicated by any kind of synthetic wax. That lustrous look lasts for months if you maintain your car well.

The car waxing technology using this naturally occurring wax has been optimized for decades. So, we finally have the formula for that shimmering car look down. It is naturally available which removes the challenge of inventing something to protect and embellish our cars.

But, it might cost a lot more than synthetic alternatives. Also, we need to work extra hard to get it over the paint. The wax really struggles to adhere readily to the paint’s surface without the proper technique. Other than that, we are good with the Carnauba wax.

Synthetic Wax

Affordability and ease of use are the main reasons behind the rapid growth of synthetic waxes. We all want that blinding shimmer on our cars but our wallet does not always allow. So an economical option which takes half the effort will do just fine at the end of the month.

It is mainly derived from petroleum resources. This makes it a pain for the environment. Its manufacturing and usage might adversely impact the environment in the long run. Also, you might want to introduce the real Carnauba Wax in your car waxing regime every now and then for your car’s sake.

Pros and Cons

The good and the bad of the synthetic waxes are almost even. They are easy on your pocket and ask for a lot less elbow grease. It might be a good starting point when you are low on cash and energy. But as soon as your bank balance rises to the occasion, you might want to dabble in the Carnauba Wax.

This is because the gloss and protection offered by synthetic wax barely do the job. You will notice this difference clearly when you try the Carnauba Wax for a change. The artificial origins of synthetic wax are bad for the environment. That is why soy and starch will soon be used as the bio-bases for more eco-friendly synthetic car waxes.

We hope you will make a mindful purchase next time. Let us take a look at our top picks of car waxes.

Best Car Wax For Silver (And Other) Cars

Here, we have compiled a list of our top 8 car wax brands with important details. Keep reading to know how they can make your task simpler.

1. Meguiar’s White Wax

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Main Features

The wax has been designed keeping in mind the requirements and concerns of the silver car owners. It contains a blend of micro-cleaners that remove the light oxidation and dust particles from the surface keeping it shining for a long time. Invest wisely in your car with this purchase at just under the 15 dollars margin.


  • Comes with the hand applicator pad to apply it easily with hand.
  • Long lasting and durable protection is achieved with the help of synthetic polymers present.
  • You get only brilliant gloss with no visible swirls with its clear coat safe formula.
  • Has been designed to offer amazing shine and reflections to light colored and white cars.
  • The car washing process becomes relatively easy with its regular use.


  • It might contain solvents that can corrode the surface of your car.
  • The tube is a bit bigger and bulkier than what you might be used to for easy application.

2. Turtle Wax Colored Car Polish

Main Features

The polyurethane rich liquid wax comes in a variety of colors to suit your purpose. It rejuvenates both color and shine of your car like never before. The turtle wax still retains its original quality and can offer the shine that lasts for as long as 25 washes. Priced well below 30 dollars, it is well worth every cent spent.


  • Avail the full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.
  • Comes with the very handy chipstick that can be used to cover over the scratches and rock chips quickly.
  • Enjoy the wide range of options in terms of colors that include – dark green, dark red and light red among others.
  • Can be used to polish and shine all kinds of vehicles and surfaces.
  • Has been around generation giving a quality performance at the same old world prices.


  • The coverage is not up to the mark.
  • You might get a colored tinge of the wax on your vehicle’s surface.

3. CarGuys Liquid Wax

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Main Features

This is a fully synthetic polymer sealant by nature. You get the benefits of carnauba paste wax along with the protective cover of a paint sealant. This way you don’t need to apply a bunch of product on your car with tons of effort. Just do few quick swipes of this wax and you are all done. At about 40 dollars, you can buy it from anywhere online.


  • Its formula is so effective and durable that you are only going to need to apply a couple of times a year.
  • Get that elusive mirror shine that lasts for days without so much as a stain on the surface.
  • Easy to apply and buff without having the need to tire yourself completely over this simple task.
  • Enjoy the risk-free purchase that comes with a full refund guarantee anytime after the purchase.
  • The nanopolymers present within it promote cross-linking to make that shine durable.


  • It ruins the plastic and rubber surface upon contact.
  • Might leave the surface scratched and dull if not used in the right manner.

4. Chemical Guys WAC_118_16 JetSeal Anti-Corrosion Sealant and Paint Protectant (16 oz)

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Main Features

It offers long-lasting protection against water spots, contamination, solar rays and most of the other problematic agents. This wax can be applied easily with the help of a machine or by hand itself. It is highly versatile and supports simple and effective use. You can get one for your car today at about 40 dollars.


  • Developed with intensive research for the space industry to get that reflective shine.
  • Offers the finest finish while possessing the anti-corrosion properties for complete protection.
  • Harshest environmental elements fall weak against its strong protective coating.
  • The molecules of this product bonds well with the vehicle’s exterior to give that wet glossy look.
  • Just one application can last for as long as 12 months at a time.


  • The water beading effect never springs to action after application.
  • Might fail to stay effective after just a couple of washes.

5. Meguiar’s G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax

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Main Features

Reflectivity, durability, and protection are the three main areas where this wax can definitely help your vehicle. It can be applied and removed with the same ease so that you can get on with your day without getting stuck in this process forever. Make it a part of your car maintenance kit at somewhere around 40 dollars.


  • You can use the dual action Meguiar’s MT300 Dual Action Polisher for the simplest and most efficient application process.
  • Can easily be applied with the hands too for getting that clear coat all over.
  • Surface tension is increased with its Hydrophobic Polymer technology that makes the water to bead and gently rolls over.
  • No stains will occur on the surfaces where you don’t wish to apply it such as the panels and other trim pieces.
  • Lasts for a long time after every single application while you enjoy the ultimate reflective shine and depth.


  • You might get the product that has separated into different liquids within the bottle.
  • The strong pungent smell will get some getting used to after application.

6. Meguiar’s G18211 Ultimate Paste Wax – 11 oz.

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Main Features

The thin film technology is meant to make the application and removal easier than ever. You can use it with utmost comfort even in full sun. Enjoy the mirror-like long-lasting shine with every single pack that you get. The reasonable almost 30 dollars budget makes the Meguiar’s G18211 Ultimate Paste Wax easily accessible to everyone.


  • All kinds of glossy paints and coats will do just fine with its application.
  • Its advanced polymers make the coat long lasting and robust for your vehicle.
  • Is extremely safe to use on a variety of surfaces without any kind of inconvenience.
  • Provides a strong coating that can withstand a number of washes before it starts to wear off.
  • The well-engineered chemical formula is meant to keep you and your vehicle out of all kinds of trouble.


  • The microfiber cloth might be missing from few of the packages.
  • The customer care service can use a bit of upgrade in quick and helpful communication.

7. Pinnacle Natural Brilliance PIN-310 Signature Series II Carnauba Paste Wax

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Main Features

The carnauba paste wax is practically the gold standard of car waxes. The Pinnacle Natural Brilliance have just made this substance all the better without compromising on its original competency. It uses a combination of naturally available fruit oils and the finest wax. In about 50 dollars, you can add this revolutionary material to your car waxing kit.


  • Easy to apply buttery texture will never make you dread the waxing process as it approaches.
  • The naturally available Brazilian ivory carnauba have been used mainly in this wax.
  • It offers the uncanny shimmer and utmost protection to the surface of your vehicle.
  • No need to worry about the haze, stains and any other undesirable pattern that can dull the exteriors.
  • It pairs well with all kinds of colors and paints types to make it easy on you, no matter your vehicle of choice is.


  • The price is exponential as compared to its current counterparts with almost the same benefits.
  • It attracts a greater amount of dust to the surface of the vehicle as opposed to the one without a wax coating.

8. T-Cut Gray Scratch Remover Color Fast Paintwork Restorer Car Polish – 17 Fl Oz 13 Colors Available

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Main Features

The T-Cut Color Fast is the perfect solution to deal with all kinds of troubles that your car exteriors can get into. It uses the genius of revolutionary Nano Technology to remove even minute imperfections from the surface.


  • It is available in a range of color to restore dull and dented color spots.
  • Your car gets a high gloss finish with this effective solution.
  • Currently you can get it in the shades White, Black, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Light Red, Dark Red, Silver, Orange, Pearl, Yellow, Midnight Blue and Purple.
  • The metallic car surfaces can also get restored shine with the T-Cut Gray Scratch Remover Color Fast Paintwork Restorer Car Polish.
  • You can use it to fix light scratches, oxidation, bugs, ingrained dirt and surface imperfections on your car.


  • The color might bleed into your hands without proper precautions.
  • It is not suitable for top coat.
  • You might not be able to get a clean look with this stuff.

These are our top 8 selection from the current range of car waxes specifically for the silver cars.

Signs Your Car Needs To Be Waxed

It is good practice to keep a sturdy wax coating on your car at all times. A summary of the wax chipping telltale signs can help you even more. That is why we have compiled this list for you. Read on to know your car wax situation better.

Water Drop Test

This test is pretty simple. You splash some water over your car and notice the beading pattern. A thick and consistent layer of wax will result in a tight beading pattern. The tighter the water beads, the better the car wax grip is on the car’s paint.

In case you get a sheet pattern of water beads, your car is in for a fresh car wax coat. Make it a point to get it done within the next few days to save your car’s surface form any further damage. As a rule of thumb, get your car waxed every 2 months.

Even a good car wax will start to deteriorate after 30 to 45 days. That does not mean you should be done with car wax altogether. The once a year car wax rule sets your car up for early retirement. So be smart and ask your favorite car wash shop to schedule a car waxing for you every couple of months.

Check With Your Fingers

Another test can be done when you have just cleaned your car. Just run your fingers over the painted area of your car. If it is smooth then you are good for a couple of fortnights. If not then it means that the car waxing is chipping away.

Basically, the wax makes the car’s surface hydrophobic. The water is repelled and so is any other harmful element trying it interact with the paint. But once the wax coating starts to unravel, the dirt and grime start settling on your car’s exteriors.

The finger test will reveal the waxed area to be grippy and uneven. The breaks on the wax coating will lead to a complete disintegration of the entire car wax layer. In the meantime, you can get your car waxed properly so that the pollution, dirt, and water cannot penetrate the paint through the wax layer and cause damage.

Dry Paint

The painted surface needs to be regularly moisturized and cleaned just like your skin. The dry weather causes neglected skin to ultimately crackle. Similarly, when you refuse to get your car waxed on time, the paint will ultimately fracture.

The paint is itself a protective coating that is applied to keep the surface corrosion and other problems at bay. You want to keep the car body protected at all times with the help of meticulous wax coating. So a dull and dry paint on the car is a sign that your car needs to be waxed urgently.

The waxing process will replenish the oils that the cars paint need to stay in good shape. With a robust paint coating and a tough wax layer over it, the car body will be protected perfectly. The freshly waxed car will also flaunt that aesthetically pleasing glossy paint look over it.

New Calendar Month

Monthly upkeep is very important. You do not need to get your car waxed every month if your budget does not allow. But, by getting the wax treatment rectified every month, you are able to squeeze out more use out of every wax.

This will also help you to spend less and lengthen the service of each car wax. You just need to ask for a few touch-ups after every car wash. It will take just a few extra minutes. But it will make a world of difference in the long run. Your car will also stay protected with a constant wax coating over it.

Some people suggest car waxing four times a year, with each new season. But, your car braves a lot more problems than just the changing climate. There is toxic UV rays, pollution, moisture, acid rain, and various other problematic agents. Monthly car waxing upkeep will give your car a fighting chance against all these troubles.

Right After Polish

A car polishing must always be followed by the car wax. This is to ensure that all your hard work during the polish is locked in for good. You don’t want to go for a drive right after and come back with a car that looks like a disaster on wheels.

The polishing process is mainly to remove or mask the imperfections that have appeared over the paint. And a good car polish will make your car seem relatively new again. But it also opens up the car’s surface to the myriad of harmful agents in your atmosphere.

You need the car wax to seal the surface so that all the undesirable factors bounce off its surface. The protective and hydrophobic wax coating will cause the dirt and other elements to bead off the surface. And your car will stay looking new and sturdy for months.

Sudden Appearance of Light Scratches

So two months in and you suddenly start seeing a few faint swirls and scratches over your car. It might be recent. But most of the time they have been there before you even got its keys. The dealers sometimes get the new cars detailed in a rush.

Car Scratch

In the process, the car’s paint might not have got enough time to be cured properly. The polish and the initial car wax is done is a rush without proper primping. It will make the car look good for a few weeks. But after that, the rushed detailing will show in the form of faint scratches.

The good news is, it is totally fixable with the right car wax. Take it as a sign to get your car waxed, patiently and correctly this time. If you know well then do it yourself. Else, get the help of your trusted car wash shop.

These are the few signs that lets you know that it is time for yet another car wax.

Waxing vs Polishing

The big debate of the automobile world today is polished vs wax. The usage, applications and even the composition of both these products seem to be up for debate. But, you need to know them well first to contribute constructively in this discussion.

Today, people often use the terms car wax and polish interchangeably. They think that it can be used interchangeably too. But the reality is totally different. They are poles apart. They are consecutive steps of the car detailing process. Bur their jobs and composition are quite different.

Car Polish

When your car gets all spotty and dull, the car polish is your answer. You need to take a clean microfiber cloth. Get a good amount of product on it and work that elbow grease into it. You rub gently to remove all the scratches, swirls and oxidation spots off of it that have been bugging you all week.

It is an abrasive substance that works in a controlled manner. You use its abrasive action to remove the debris lodged into the protective upper layer of the paint. In this way, it removes the top layer on the car’s surface. It might unintentionally expose the entire car body to contaminants in the process.

And that is where the car wax comes into the picture. Before you seal the entire surface back again, you need to make it clean and spotless. Use the latest products that come with revolutionary oils and abrasive blend to give that sparkling effect without excessive abrasion.

Car Wax

It is almost the stuff of dreams. It protects your car while making it look stunning. Now that is a product that we all can get behind. The vegetable-derived wax called Brazil/Carnauba wax is a hot favorite for a number of reasons.

It is highly hydrophobic, it does not dissolve in water easily. This means that your fresh wax coating will stay on even if rains cats and dogs. Next, it has a desirably high melting point of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Even the scorching summer sun fails against this tough wax coating. The car’s paint stays protected against its two main enemies – heat and moisture/rain.

The breathtaking car finish after a fresh car wax does deserve a mention. People often gravitate more towards the beautiful final look that the car wax has to offer that its innumerable benefits. Whatever the reason may be, at the need they do leave with a protective wax coating on their car.

Good Vs Bad

You need both car wax and the polish to enjoy a long-lasting service from your car. Both these products come with their own list of pros and cons. But you can make the right brand selection to get more good than bad with your purchase.

Car polish is essentially an abrasive material. The car’s paint might come off if you use it carelessly. Both the frequency and the application style need to be managed well to prevent these accidents. The good about car polish is that you need to do it less often to enjoy all of its benefits.

The good car waxes can be a bit expensive and you need it a lot more. On average, you need to wax your car every two months. Even more, if the climatic conditions are adverse for your car. Too much exposure to sun and rain can cause the wax coating to wear off. The good thing is that you get both shine and protection with just one swift swipe of the right car wax.

Say No To Combo

Most of the combo products out there claim to have the best of both worlds. In reality, they are not even worth one. What most manufacturers forget in the process in that we don’t need the polish and wax combo. These two products are not something that should and can be applied simultaneously.

It should always follow the sequence of polish and then wax. Clean the surface completely first with the polish. And then use the wax to seal the entire surface shut. This clear wax coat will add shine and protection to the top layer of car paint.

Also, read the composition carefully. Most of the companies try to repackage their excess polish and sell it like wax, and vice versa. It is their way of supplying market demand. One crucial detail they forget is that when used interchangeably, both polish and the wax will make the matter worse.

These were few of the many important differences between the car polish and car wax.

Steps to Apply Liquid and Paste Waxes

The state of the wax does not make much difference to the final result. The various forms are available just to make the application process easier for you. Mostly, people prefer to apply the wax by hand. This way they can have better control over the entire waxing process. The liquid wax is suitable when you are bringing in a machine for the waxing procedure.

Always remember, less is better in terms of waxing. The lesser the product you use, the faster it will dry. Also, you will have an easy time distributing it equally all over the surface. The modern-day synthetic waxes make it all that easier for you to get a good result without dumping gallons of wax on your car’s hood.

Car Wax Application Steps

  • Get the car out of direct sunlight. Always perform car waxing process under a shaded area.
  • A foam applicator pad is the best for car wax application. Ask your car manufacturer for a good applicator suggestion.
  • It is rare to find a product that can be coated completely on the car first and then buffed. You need to apply and buff after every 4 square feet of application for satisfactory results.
  • Pay special attention to the manufacturer’s instructions regarding letting the wax dry on the surface. Not all car waxes are suitable to dry/haze over the paint before buffing.
  • A small amount of wax ensures efficient use of the product, your time and elbow grease. The quantity of the product used is not directly proportional to the brilliance of the result.
  • Use a clean wipe towel to remove the stubborn excess car wax residue.
  • Replace your applicator if you are unintentionally creating swirls during the application process. Avoid the circular motion and stick to back and forth application method only.

Steps After Waxing

The idea is to get a smooth and shiny look after the car wax process is complete. But that might not always be the case. However, you can fix this problem quite easily. There might be a few smudges or scratches still visible on the surface. This calls for a 15 minute sun time. Leave your car out in the sun just for 15 – 20 minutes.

Steps For Car Wax Application

Then bring it back in the shade again. You will notice that the sun has softened the wax thus buffing out all the undesirable spots over its surface. The end result is a glossy finish. You can finish the job with a buffing towel and detail spray. Lock that statement shine in for good.

Seasoned car detailers are good at layering different kinds of waxes to get that elusive glimmer. They apply a coat of paint sealant/ synthetic wax and cover it with a layer of Carnauba wax. This way the car gets a deep shiny and wet look on top of the glossy base of the paint sealant.

Here is a video that would give you further expert advice on how to go about waxing your car.

Tips To Polish White Or Silver Cars

You might have the best car wax for your car but still, you need to keep in mind a few important points to make sure that you are able to benefit fully from this purchase.

Test It First

It is always better to start with a small surface. If you are using wax for the first time, it makes no sense to apply it all over the service without any point of reference. You need to be completely sure about the product before you can let it come in contact with the surface of your car.

If the surface reacts badly then you will be doing much damage to your vehicle in the first go itself. Try out on a surface that is away from the line of sight. This way even if something goes horribly wrong then you will not lose out much. You can always learn from your mistake in this manner without gambling with the entire look of your car.

Invest Well in the Waxing Gear

Today, the wax has been designed for the ease of use. You can use your hand, an old rag or proper waxing equipment to polish your car and give it that blinding shimmer. But, if you are waxing by yourself for the first time then try a proper waxing machine for comfort.

Gradually, as you get a hold of this entire process, you can switch to a cloth rag or ever your hands. The terry cloth rags are good but not as efficient as the microfiber ones. Get a bunch of them and you will be all done for a good number of months.

Always Wash Before Waxing

Before waxing your car, keep in mind to park it away from the sun. This way the paint will not get hot and susceptible to a greater number of scratches. Just take a small surface and start washing it with an automotive-suitable cleaning solution.

Keep in mind to not let the soapy solution stay on too long else it might be harder to get it off the surface completely. After you have washed it properly, let it dry completely before putting on the wax. This way you will be starting on a clean and dry surface that will attach itself more readily to the applied wax.

These are the few tips that can make polishing your silver car a lot easier on you.

Ideal Waxing Frequency For Your Car

The sweet spot of car waxing lies between too few and too much, both of which people are guilty of doing. In the start, you want your new car to stay like that for as long as possible. Though a new car does not need extensive care, we still get it serviced just too often to stay on the safe side.

But as the years start to show on your 4-wheeler, you find it a losing game to invest any further in it. That is when the car actually needs more attention than ever before. So a good rule of thumb will be to do a gradual increase over the year without losing the consistency. Let us take a look at how the following car waxing frequencies can impact your car.

Once a Year

Nope. This is never okay for your car or any other vehicle for that matter. Waxing your car just once a year is like throwing that money down the drain. It will be like you eating healthy (your new year resolution!) just for the month of January. It does no long term good whatsoever.

You need to increase the frequency to at least every 3 months to see some good long term benefits. The changing season, adverse climatic conditions and rising levels of pollution are already a lot for the car’s paint to endure. It will be good practice to provide it with sufficient ammunition in the form of car wax to weather all these troubles without losing.

Every Season

Global warming has made the seasonal cycle fickle. Sometimes there is no snow on Christmas and lakes end up freezing in summers. So, relying on this sundial of seasons is not a prudent decision. You need to factor in the time and adjust the waxing frequency accordingly.

Some countries have long winters and short summers. And vice versa. The harshness and length of the weather change the required car waxing frequency considerably. Sun and moisture adversely affect the car wax the most. That means you need to double up on car waxing on peak summer and rainy seasons. So clearly getting your car waxed only once every season is not a good practice.

Every Month

Now we are talking! Good car wax will stay undeterred on the surface for around 30-45 days on an average. And here we are taking only perfect climatic conditions into account. We are not taking into account the harsh sun, snow, rain, and smog into consideration. So getting your car waxed or detailed every month is quite a good practice.

This way your car will be able to revive better from the extreme weather conditions. A tough hydrophobic wax layer on top will keep all the harmful elements away from its surface at all times. This will also inculcate a good habit in you regarding car maintenance for lasting rewards.

Every Fortnight

This is going a bit overboard. You don’t need to get your car waxed every 15 days. Unless you are traveling in extreme weather conditions every day from dusk to dawn, your car’s wax will stay intact for over a month. However, if you are trying to revive an old car, tending more to its surface might help.

A quick visit to the car wash for a swift wash and detailing is understandable. But don’t go overboard with the waxing process. Too much of it can start chipping away at the car’s paint. That will become contradictory to the entire reason that you are getting your car waxed in the first place.

These few parameters can help you in finding that ideal car waxing frequency for your car.

Benefits of Regular Car Waxing

There are a number of advantages to having a car waxing routine in place. Let us take a look at the top few of them.

Impressive Dirt Shielding

You don’t want the dirt to get settled in and be embedded on your car’s surface. Because once that happens you will need the elaborate clay bar system to get it out. It takes a whole lot of time, money and effort than the regular car waxing process. That is why having a car waxing routine in place is important.

The dust particles have an easy time sticking to the clear paint coat. The paint might look and feel almost smooth but it has its own share of bumps. The clear glossy paint coat almost convinces us to stray from regular car waxing. We need to coat that fresh paint coat soon after curing to keep it looking so for months if not years to come.

The stickiness of the falling tree sap, dust, bird poop, and other common defaulters reduces considerably in contact with the wax layer. This makes it easy to wipe them off later with a single swipe of car washcloth. You save so much on cleaning time with a regular car waxing.

Scratch Protection

The stubborn car scratches hurt your car in so many ways. It depreciates the car’s resale value. It diminishes the aesthetic appeal of your fairly new vehicle. And these scratches seem to come out of nowhere and cover the entire surface rapidly without proper protection in place.

The outer clear coat of the paint is prone to these scratches. They are inevitable. But the speed at which they occur can be slowed down tremendously with the help of car waxes. A continuous wax coat all over the surface is enough to keep these pesky scratches away.

The car wax layer creates a barrier between the top paint coat and the scratch causing agents. This way they can’t get on the paint surface and become permanent. The regular car wax routine will help you renew the outer wax layer every month or so. Thus, letting your car stay and look new for long.

Glossy Look and Feel

Uniformity is the keep to that glossy look. It is easy to recoat your car’s surface with a new uniform wax coat every other month. The wax helps even out the imperfections and scratches present on the paint’s surface. This makes the paint job look better than it actually is.

Car Gloss

As a result, you get two uniform coats stacked on top of each other. This makes up for that deep rich and glossy look. The car owners strive for this look after every visit to the car wash. Thankfully, you can even do it by yourself at your garage with the right wax and buffing tools.

Your car does not have to look its age. In fact, a good car owner knows how to keep their car in perfect shape decade after decade. That is why we have vintage cars still looking like a million buck. Invest in a good car wax to always leave your garage with a brand new looking car!

Strong Sun Protection

Applying a fresh wax coat is a lot less cheap and time-consuming than getting your entire car repainted. Sun damage is a major problem for car owners. And the car wax helps in a big way in this scenario. The regular car waxing practice helps in preventing the UV rays from harming the painted surface.

The harmful UV rays can damage the paints to the point where it fades away. And the bare metal body of the car is exposed for even further damage. As alarming as these faded paint spots are, they are actually a cry for help for urgent attention.

The paint is actually a way to protect the car body from all kinds of harmful climatic conditions. You can top it off with sleep wax layer regularly to give double the protection to your car on the go. Even the long harsh summers start to fail with an excellent waxing routine.

Cleaner for Longer

We all wish to get more out of every car wash. Well, the car waxing makes it very much possible. The reason is plain scientific. The lesser the dirt is able to stick to the surface, the easier and quicker it will be to rinse it off. A good wax coat prevents the dust particles from accumulating on the surface.

Thus you will need to wash your car less often. It works in favor of your car too. You don’t need to constantly treat the car surface with one product or the other. Clean it regularly, seal it with protective wax coatings. And leave it alone for the rest of the duration.

If you are lucky, the rainwater will rinse off the minimal dust sticking to the wax layer. This way you will be making the rainwater work in favor of you. Car wax works in a way to lighten your workload with regular use. You need to include it today in your car maintenance schedule.

Water-Repelling Action

The hydrophobic properties of the car wax are not appreciated enough. It is one of the key features that lend the car wax its protective properties. You can even spray a bit of it over the windows. And enjoy a clear view out of them no matter how polluted the environment around you is.

The hydrophobic property helps in water beading. This keeps the water off the wax surface. Thus, the water is not able to dilute or wash off the car wax since it cannot stay on the surface for that long to do so. Also, the falling water washes off the excess dirt and smudges along with it.

The hydrophobic action, in general, keeps the incoming elements in motion. Nothing sticks on the surface for long. As long as your top wax layer is in good shape, you don’t have to resort to deep cleaning that often. It will also increase the life of the paint and your car in this manner.

Hides Flaws

So you bumped your car by mistake. You should be able to learn the lesson and move forward without that constant reminder right on the hood in the form of nasty scratches. The car wax makes sure that your car handling and driving mistakes are not staring back at you every time you want to go for a drive.

Just polish the surface properly. Rub some car wax over it. Buff it in good. And then you will be like ‘What scatches!’. The margin for human error should be accommodated in these daily activities. The car wax lets you learn and prevent your car from actually fracturing its perfect look.

You can get those scratches taken care of completely in the next car detailing. And till then, use some car wax to protect the affected surface from causing the surround pain layer to disintegrate. The car wax will stop the damage at the contact point itself.

Forever New

Most of the people waiting to buy a new car are actually paying for that new car look. They get sick of driving around in a beat-up car that looks eons old. Also, they are not going to get a good deal if they choose to resale their old one. Their best bet is to sell it for scraps and make their peace with it.

But, you can do better. By getting into a good car waxing regime today, you can knock off those years from showing on your car. This will boost its resale value too. The prospective customer will take one look and know that this car has been well taken care of.

Also, you will never feel like driving to the middle of nowhere and leaving your car there. Just because you have become so desperate to drive a car that looks and feels new. Old might be gold but that new car look is irresistible!

Easy Usage

Of all the ways you can protect your car, the car waxing is one of the easiest. It allows you to just turn your garage into a mini-workshop and fix all of your car’s trouble points. Nowadays we have spray-on wax and other useful waxing tools. This means that you will need half the time for waxing then you used to initially.

You can even use your bare hands to take the product and apply it directly on the surface. The packaging and consistency of the wax have been optimized enough so that an Average Joe can get above-average results any day of the week.

Make it a point to go for only reliable brands and tools. You don’t want to give in to those devious discounts which just dump useless products on you. You can ask for some tips from your car owner friends. Or, just pay more attention when your car is getting waxed at the shop. This car waxing thing is definitely up your alley.

These are a few of the many benefits that regular car waxing has to offer.


The right knowledge can help you reap double the benefits from your investments. The more you know about the current product, the savvier you will get while making future purchases. Car waxing is an easy task provided you are equipped with the correct information and the product.

So stay updated on the latest advancements and keep perfecting that car waxing regime. Waxing makes your car look a ton better and stay stronger from outside. And, all this without you having to spend a fortune on the upkeep every few months. The T-Cut Gray Scratch Remover Color Fast Paintwork Restorer Car Polish is the best car wax for silver cars according to our in-depth research. You get a range of color here to accommodate the exact shade of your car and fix everything about its exteriors.

Do you agree with our picks? Tell us where and how we can improve it for giving you more crisp and useful information in the comment section below. Also, share it onward with your dearest friends and family right away before you forget!