Best Windshield Treatment For Rain Reviews (Mega Guide): 2022 Edition

Update – January 2022 [We have added a new windshield treatment for rain at #6 to make this list more up-to-date. Another quick update, product #3 has been discontinued on Amazon for now.]

[If you’re looking for a quick answer, the Nasiol GlasShield Wipe-On Nano Rain Repellent Wipes is the top choice for 2022. They are made to clean your windshield and maintain it that way. Its effective cleaning solutions enables the windshield surface to roll off rain and dirt consistently after proper application. Make sure you read the rest of the article for more details!]

Driving in heavy rains can be quite challenging. We can’t clearly see the road ahead and our view of the front keeps on getting distorted by the minute. This situation is not only inconvenient but it can also lead to fatal conditions if we don’t take the right steps at the right time.

Rain repellent or the windshield treatment is the latest solution to curb this problem for good. They make the view ahead extremely clear to us. And also enhance the lifespan of our windshield since it has to work only half as hard to clear the glass screen.

These liquid repellents enable the wiper blade to glide smoothly against the glass thus reducing the overall friction whenever the need arises.

Spotless In Rain Or Sunshine

There is a wide range of rain repellents on the market that have been used in different conditions. we can choose the one that suits the weather conditions the best and will help we have a safe journey throughout the rainy season.

Here is a quick video demonstration of a windshield rain-repellent in action, enjoy the ride!

It is always better to do a quick research first since we don’t want to learn about the shortcomings when we are out on the road and it is raining cats and dogs. Asking around a bit from the professionals and our friends can also help us narrow down our options towards the right choice.

Benefits of Using Windshield Treatment

As the rainy and winter seasons roll around, you windscreens become prone to water accumulation and freezing. Both are equally bad for your vehicle and your front view. And, you don’t want to be worried about it as you are breezing through the day.

Just get the right windshield treatment for your car and you can put all these problems to bed. A useful windshield treatment comes with a number of benefits. Few of them are as follows:

Always Be Safe, Not Sorry

A distorted view can be a serious threat to your safety on road. You don’t want the downpour to get smeared all over the windshield continuously. It creates a blurry view when the water is pouring down. And later on, your screen gets streaks and scratches all over it that further interferes with your driving.

Using an effective windshield treatment give you the psychological affirmation that you are all safe and sound within your car. This helps you keep your eyes on the road and drive with a calm mind no matter what the weather conditions are.

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The protective coating on your windshield created by the rain repellent liquid makes the water bead up and fall off the surface. You get an impenetrable coating on top of your windscreen that will prevent water from sticking to the surface of the screen at all cost.

Simple to Use

The application process for the current range of rain repellents is simpler than ever. Just clean the screen, wipe off excess water and then apply the product with an applicant or directly with your hand. This way you can keep the new car look and feel intact for years.

You get your car detailed regularly so why to leave out the most crucial part – the windshields! Whether you are planning to sell it soon or keep for yourself, the new car feeling is a great plus to have. The windshield treatments make it so easy to upkeep so that even you don’t mind investing a couple of minutes on it every few weeks.

The dirt and other contaminants get stuck to the water droplets as they roll off your windshields. This way you never have to worry about the weather on the day of that big road trip or important meeting. The road ahead will always be clearly visible to you with a good windshield treatment liquid.

Scratch Free Windshield

It takes only a couple of dirt particles stuck in the rubber of the wiper blades to tear your windshield into a scratched nightmare. These scratches make the light glare when you are on the road and it’s a sunny day. On a rainy day, these scratches somehow manage to further fog up your screen and make the road ahead seem indistinguishable.

The windshield treatment liquid lets you keep all the scratch causing agents far away from the screen. Nothing is able to stick to the surface, thanks to the slippery and deflecting rain repellent coat. And you get a scratch free front row seat to your driving adventures.

These are the main benefits of using a windshield treatment. Use one for yourself to see how good or bad they perform in your case.

Types Of Glass Treatment For Cars

There are days when it feels like the heavens have opened their floodgates and it is never going to end flooding anything and everything in sight. And then there are days when it is just a light drizzle, the perfect season for something warm and crunchy to keep your company.

In both these conditions and everything in between, we do require a suitable glass treatment for our cars. This will ensure our safety on the road and thus making the rainy season safer than ever for everyone walking, driving or just cruising through those never-ending roads. The three main types of glass treatments that are gaining massive popularity nowadays include:

1. Nanotechnology-based Glass Treatments

The nanoparticles for a chemical bond with the silica particles of the windshield wiper blade. This will lead to the creation of an extremely hydrophobic surface that will keep the interfering raindrops away from our line of sight.

2. Fluorinated compounds-based Glass Treatments

The glass treatments that use the fluoride compounds end up forming a strong chemical bond with the glass surface. They are less stronger than the nanotechnology-based treatments but they are surely way stronger than the silicone-based compounds.

3. Silicone-based Glass Treatments

This glass treatment is the least effective of the three glass treatments being discussed here. It just coats the glass surface with a layer to keep the raindrops at bay. But it tends to wear off quite easily and often during heavy rainfall. That is why it is not suggested for the places which receive heavy rainfall for an extended period of time.

It is better to pick the glass treatment which is capable of withstanding the weather conditions at your place. You do not want to go with the cheapest but the best option since we are talking about road safety here. And failing to do so can be fatal for you as well as the cars and pedestrians that you come across on your drive.

Best Windshield Treatment For Rain

Let us move on to the best windshield treatments present in the market today. Below we have compiled a list of the most popular brands present and how they fare when it comes to customer experience.

1. Rain-X 5071268 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellent

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Main Features

The Rain-X rain repellent works upon the beading technology to keep the view ahead clear for you. It is extremely easy to use. We get the best solution to wet weather driving without having to worry about out safety whenever we have to drive in heavy rains.


  • It performs the dual function of cleaning the windscreen and coating it with a water-repellent layer.
  • We found it effective against the rain, sleet, and snow as they just rolled away from the windscreen.
  • The visibility during the wet weather driving dramatically increased upon its use.
  • We just had to spray and then wipe it with no requirement for buffing.
  • A streak-free cleaning of the glass is obtained for all the major automobile models.


  • We found it ineffective against the harsh weather conditions.
  • The dirty spots were present all over the glass screen after we scrape off the residual snow or sleet.

2. TriNova Windshield Rain Repellent

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Main Features

The TriNova rain repellent can be used on multiple glass surfaces. And that makes it useful for cars, boats, trucks, SUVs and other vehicles that have a glass screen to keep track of the path ahead. It causes the water to bead away and glide off gently from the glass screen.


  • It actively discourages the buildup of sleet and snow on the windscreen.
  • We just need to spray and leave it on the glass screen to get that spotless view.
  • This product is available in 18 oz bottle with the incredible price tag of $13.97.
  • We also get full protection from the germs and bugs that will otherwise just hit the windscreen and stay stuck there forever.
  • All kinds of glass surfaces can be cleaned with the help of this product both inside and outside the home.


  • It works well only when the glass surface is cleaned before the application.
  • The long-lasting feature is missing with this rain repellent that requires frequent applications for the desired effect.

3. Rain-X 630022 Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellent Wipes

Main Features

We don’t find the bottle packaging as handy and convenient as the properly packaged wipes. The Rain-X rain repellent wipes give you that comfort so that you can use it as and when you please to clean the glass surfaces.


  • We obtained the streak-free cleaning for the automobile glasses thanks to this product.
  • Finally the answer to getting full freedom from the bugs, rain, sleet, snow and other undesirable particles stuck to the windscreen.
  • It can in a 2-in-1 formula that repels the rain and cleans the raindrops that still managed to sneak in somehow.
  • All we need to do is use the wipes directly on the surface with no follow-up buffing required.
  • These wipes make good use of the water beading technology to keep the glass surface clean.


  • The wipes were half dry inside the package that made most of them useless.
  • Some residual spots were left on the windscreen after the use.

4. Rain-X 800002250 Glass Treatment Trigger

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Main Features

Rain-X is one of the most trusted brands among vehicle-owners all over the world. The Rain-X glass treatment trigger has been proven to improve the visibility and thus decrease the response time in crucial moments on various different occasions.


  • The refined beading technology works extra hard to keep the water away from your glass screens at all times.
  • Wet weather visibility is tremendously improved with the help of this product as discovered in the recent major University studies.
  • Rain-X products have a scintillating track record of over 40 years now and a large clientele that trusts it with their road safety.
  • The hydrophobic technology works wonders with the glass screen to offer us the best and the most vivid view every time.
  • The application is really simple where we need to just apply it to the surface and wipe it odd with a dry cloth.


  • The nozzle of the bottle does not work properly in few of the bottles.
  • The product runs out quicker than expected since the bottle is not suitable for judicious use.

5. Aquapel Glass Treatment By PGW 6 Single Use Applicators PPG

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Main Features

The glass treatment is available in the form of easy to apply applicators. And we don’t even have to worry about the optimum quantity required. This on-time applicator contains the right amount of repellent that needs to be applied.


  • We just need one applicator for cleaning the entire windscreen properly at a time.
  • It is extremely easy to use and apply and we only need to take care of a few things during the application.
  • No damage was done to the rubber casing or the paint coating around the glass which keeps the aesthetics and structure of your vehicle intact.
  • It can last for months at a time when applied correctly and the vehicle is not exposed to direct sunlight when parked.
  • The usage could not be any simpler as it is very easy to apply and wipe off after properly buffing over the windscreen.


  • It can leave undesirable spots all over the windscreen when not used properly which are extremely hard to get rid off.
  • Some shipments might contain dried up applicators which need to be reported immediately for getting proper replacement or refund.

6. Nasiol GlasShield Wipe-On Nano Rain Repellent Wipes for Windshield

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Main Features

These anti-stain wipes are easy to carry and use or reapply as and when you prefer. They are suitable for windshield, windows and other surfaces of your vehicle where you might need a rain repellent.


  • It comes in a compact package of two rain repellent wipes and the cleaning solution.
  • For now, you can get one in just 9 dollars, so hurry!
  • This repels oil, dirt and other corrosive agents that the rain might bring along with it.
  • It is aimed at prolonging the wiper lifespan and windshield visibility.
  • These wipes are good to use and offer impressive results for upto 2 years.


  • It might disrupt the clarity of the glass surface.
  • The results are not consistent with all the customers.

These are the 6 main windshield rain treatments that can help you keep your vehicle clean and clear with ease.

Windshield Treatment: Features To Look For

The first or the next windshield washer you buy ought to have the key following characteristics. This way you will be enjoying the key benefits that come with a good enough rain repellent solution.

Anti-Freeze Property

One of the key features that you need to look out for in your windshield treatment is the presence of anti-freeze elements. You don’t particularly need them if you are planning to stay and drive around the places that have pretty balmy weather. But they are absolutely required in the snow-covered peaks and valleys around the globe.

If the liquid suggests considerable dilution then you need to up your anti-freeze game too. In that case, just grab the regular 90% proof alcohol and make up for the dilution, in terms of anti-freeze. Make sure you keep this in mind before making your next purchase to prepare your vehicle even for freezing weather.

No Scent

Different people have different preferences when it comes to the odor of their rain repellent liquid. Some like the powerful citrus smell which their brain connects with total cleanliness. Others prefer the floral and other mild fragrances. This way they get a clean and fresh feel with every wash. You might be the one who likes your windshield treatment to smell like nothing which makes the most sense.

This way your nostrils don’t have to be attacked by strong odors in an otherwise amazing day. Driving on your own, you don’t want to get trapped with the too intense scents of all the innovative natural combinations within your car that the creative organizations came up with. Or, maybe you do, just buy accordingly!

Water Repellent Characteristics

People living in areas that receive heavy rainfall need a miracle worker. Something like the windshield repellent liquids with powerful rain repelling properties. This is one of the many easy and effective ways to make sure that they have everything under control. That they don’t have a tsunami brewing in their windscreen whenever it as much as drizzles a bit.

Some of these solutions make the rainwater over the screen bead up into large droplets and roll off. The wiper blades get a more manageable task with such a treatment. And you never have to be the victim of deadly combination that is the poor vision and slippery roads.

Dilution Ratio

You have a tiny concentrated bottle that can provide multiple batches of washer reservoir’s solution with proper dilution. Or, you want the properly rationed diluted solution so that you can just use it directly. Which one sounds better to you? Whatever your choice is, make sure you are coming from a place of experience.

Just to be on the safe side, give both these options a try at least once. And after that go for the one that did not make you dread the windshield treatment day. If you are good at mixing it up in the right proportions, you can actually get a good deal with the concentrated formulas.

These are few of the many features that you would want in your windshield treatment. Try to get the most out of them with your next informed purchase.

Factors That Determine Windshield Treatment Longevity

Two different cars can be treated with the same rain repellent at the same time. But still, we cannot predict how long and how well it can offer the protective armor against pouring rains. There are a number of factors that together decide it for every vehicle. The key four factors have been describing below:

1. Wiper Usage Frequency

Never ever turn on the wipers when your windshield is dry. And don’t make it worse by doing so on a dirty surface. That is akin to taking a sandpaper and scraping off every last smidgen of the protective coating off it. Make sure to use the wipers when you absolutely have to and that too never on a dry surface.

The screen can be already damp due to rain. Or you can use a shot of washer liquid. Both these ways will make sure that there is sufficient lubrication. This way you will be able to keep the protective coating intact for quite some time.

City driving is the one that gives the worst hit to the rain repellent coatings. This is because you will be using wipers even at slow speed. On the other hand, driving up and down the highway will do the least damage. In this case, the high wind speed will blow off any speck of dirt or another element that might be sticking.

2. Car Parking Location

The parking location plays a big role in maintaining that protective coating. The ideal parking spot is away from the sun and moisture and under proper shade. Even at work or when you are out, it pays off big time if you make it a point to pick a suitable parking location for your car.

How To Take Care Of Car Windshield

The lethal combination of sun, moisture, and dirt will make the product break down a lot faster. Your garage must also be devoid of moisture and dirt so that the vehicle stays in prime form. Make it a point to park your car away from the sun as much as possible.

3. Surface Preparation

How well you prepare your car will make all the difference in the durability of the product later. There are three main steps involved in proper cleaning and preparation of your screen. Firstly, clean the screen with a proper cleaning solution to get rid of the visible dirt.

Next claybar it which will suck the hard to clean contaminants from its surface. This is a perfectly safe method that can be used on paint, glass, metal and fiberglass surfaces. You just need to pick the right claybar and get started.

Lastly, its time to polish the surface, either with hand or a proper equipment. This will get rid of the attached minerals and water spots. Otherwise, they might get trapped under the coating and break it from inside. Remove the excess polish after you are done with this step. Now your car is ready for the windshield treatment.

4. Windshield’s Age

A brand new car has that smooth and uniform glass surface. The product will adhere easily to it and will have a good grip for the next few months. You don’t need to do much to make the product attach itself and remain there in trying conditions.

However, that is not the case with the old cars. Their windshield is chipped and full of scratches, some visible and some not so much. Even the smallest of the scratches can create a problem for the product to stay on for a longer period of time. The best solution to this problem is regular use of rain repellents.

This way the surface will get corroded at a much slower rate making everything that much easier for you.

These few factors decide the duration of a coat. You can pay good attention to them and save your time, efforts and money by doing so.

Steps To Apply Windshield Treatment

Today, you can easily apply the windshield treatment solution to your windshield for getting the desired results. You need to start with your favorite brand of rain repellent and two clean cloth pieces. They can be paper towel/lint free cloth and microfiber cloth. These following six steps can help you in applying the rain repellent perfectly.

1. Clean the Surface

How To Apply Windshield Treatment

Pick a sunny and non-humid day to give your car a proper windshield treatment. The best time to apply the rain repellent is when you have just cleaned your car. Start only after its completely dry and spotless. Next, pick a soft and abrasive cleaner cloth. Use this to remove the residual detailing product from the car.

Apply it over the windshield at a temperature of at least 41°F and under proper shade. This way the product will be able to properly attach itself to the glass without any interference from big and small contaminants.

2. Apply the Product

Make sure that the solution is not dripping from the cloth. You need not soak it completely into the rain repellent solution. Just have enough product to apply a thin and even layer all over the surface. A microfiber clean cloth is your best bet for this purpose.

Apply the windshield treatment solution in small circular and firm motions. Do the application process at a half window at a time. Finally, let it dry for at least the next 10 minutes away from the sun when it is all done. Make sure you have covered all the corners evenly and completely.

3. Buff the Screen

After you have applied the rain repellent all over the surface, you will notice a bit of haze over it. This will interfere with sufficient visibility on the road if not cleaned properly. Just take a paper towel/lint free cloth and star buffing from the bottom towards the top.

You need to do this till all the haze is gone and you have obtained a bright and sparkling screen. Repeat this process till you achieve just the right level of clear visibility and brightness on your screen. The buffing process is really important. By skipping it, you will be doing more damage to your screen than there would have been without the product.

4. Clean Wiper Blades

The condition of your wiper blade directly impacts the longevity of the protective coat. Replace them if you think they are beyond repair. Keep in mind that a clunky pair of wipers will be doing damage to both the coat and the screen after the coating is eroded.

Clean Wiper Blades

All your effort in applying the protective windshield treatment coating properly will be useless if you don’t pay attention to the wiper blades. If they are just dirty then clean them with a soft cloth and a suitable glass cleaner. Make sure everything coming in contact with the screen is clean and working.

5. Apply on Side and Back Windows

To further improve the visibility, you can simply apply the solution to the side and back windows. This way you will be protecting them from all kinds of contaminants and chipping causing agents too. You can extend that new car look and feel for quite some time this way.

6. Reapply When Required

When the coating is perfectly intact, the water will quickly bounce off the surface. It will bead up into perfect circles and fall off the surface. The irregular beading pattern and water sticking to the surface are clear signs that the coating is thinning and eroding. So you can just reapply as soon as you get enough time to perform the proper application.

Following the above-mentioned steps will help you apply the windshield treatment solution on the car surface in the easiest manner.

Also, here is a quick video showing how to apply the Rain-X windshield treatment solution.

Bare Glass vs Treated Glass

You might have never used a windshield treatment solution till now. Or you might be considering to try the bare glass for a while. Below, we evaluate both bare and treated glass in terms of a number of factors.


Treated Glasses have a strong protective coating over their surface. It protects them from all kinds of harmful agents. Debris, dirt and sand will never be able to cause any sort of damage to the surface of a treated glass. It also gets protection against the visibility of deterring water spots, chemicals, and other interference.

Bare Glass vs Treated Glass

A bare glass comes with a very short shelf life. And a faulty wiper and crusty screen can doubly damage the surface. Minute, as well as noticeable scratches, start to appear. This makes it impossible to make up for the loss later even with a powerful windshield treatment.

Easy to Clean

Hydrophobic coatings of the treated glass make it almost self-cleaning. The dirt and other particles stick to the water droplets and easily roll off. This means that the more rain you get on the way, the cleaner your screens are going to be. Treated glass makes it possible for you to use even the harsh weather conditions for you.

On the other hand, the bare glass requires constant use of wipers for proper visibility. But with improper cleaning, the debris starts building up on the surface. So, the more you try to clean now, the more damage the friction of wiper with the debris is doing to your screen.

Scratch Resistant

The treated glass is scratch resistant by default. The dense coating makes it impossible for the scratch causing agents to come even close to the glass surface. This way, the screen remains new and functional for a long period of time. There are windshield treatments that offer additional protection for dirt and scratches aside from just water.

Bare glass does not have any similar coating leaving it exposed to harmful particles at all times. And this applies to both in driving and stationary mode. As soon as you park that new car in your garage, its screen starts deteriorating without the presence of any protective shield over it.

Aesthetic Appeal

We all want to own a pair of striking wheels. So it makes sense to keep that sparkle intact for our current cars and the ones that we might be planning to sell. A sparkling screen of a treated glass will keep you from going for that hefty impulse buy when your current ride is not even a year old.

Aesthetic Windshield

Bare glass screens are aesthetically pleasing for only so long. After a certain time, they will plummet into dullness and scratches. And it is not possible to completely come back from it. You might be able to slow down it a bit if you still go for a useful windshield treatment.


The wrong treatment might cause your screen to bear a strong pungent smell. You might even feel light headed if the treated glass is coated with harmful chemicals. But, you can always go for a certain brand for getting your glass treated without experiencing any sort of toxicity.

Bare glass does not pose any toxicity threat. It is odorless and will not affect your system adversely. However, it might give rise to certain visibility threats after some time. Simply pick the right glass treatment option to get rid of all these problems at once.


Treated glass needs to be maintained in a dust free environment away from the sun. The treatment needs to be done in a sequence of steps and it might require some getting used to. Without proper information and technique, you might not be able to get its full benefits.

Bare glass maintenance can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be. You can just wash it with the remaining soapy water from the house cleaning if you like. Or you can actually step up and convert it into a treated glass for complete protection.

Finally, we can confidently say that treated glass is far better than the bare glass on any given day. It makes you and your car safer on those unpredictable roads and journeys.

Windshield Treatment Related User FAQs

Both new and regular users have a lot of queries related to the windshield treatment liquids. Read on to know the answers to all of them explained in an easy to understand manner.

1. What are the basic ingredients of windshield washer fluid?

The ingredients of a washer fluid determine its properties. Almost all of the washer fluids today have anti-freeze properties. Methanol makes it possible for them. You can check more details on the back of the bottle under the ingredient list.

It will give you a quick account of all the ingredients present in the liquid. You will also get to know about the presence of any hazardous elements and their quantities. Every manufacturer comes with their own recipe which covers varying ratios of the ingredients.

This helps the mixture to offer special features such as extra strong cleaning power and water beading properties among others. Look into the ingredient list if you are suspicious about the claims made for a certain product.

2. How to fix the problem of frozen washer liquid?

In extremely cold weather, a washer fluid with not so great anti-freeze properties can get frozen. You will usually come to know about it when you press the spray button. Nothing will happen and that is a clear sign that you should not press the button anytime soon before you fix the issue.

If you carelessly do so then you run the risk of ruining the whole mechanism. You need to let the washer liquid thaw completely. And then look for the leaks since the liquid tends to expand in the frozen state. This expansion may cause excessive pressure on the walls of the system and cause it to crack.

You might have to repair the pipes or even the reservoir tank if the damage is severe. Failing this, the liquid might seep through the cracks leaving you helpless when you absolutely need a quick wash. Add some 90% alcohol into the mix to raise its freezing point instantly. Or go for a washer liquid with better anti-freeze properties next time.

3. What is the working process of windshield washer fluid?

A windshield washer fluid has a special cleaning agent. An average washer liquid will create a protective coating on your screen. This armor will help in keeping the dust and grime off your screen. There are specialized options too. You can get better anti-freeze, cleaning or fragrance features by picking the one that is specialized in that feature.

The basic working process of these washer liquids involves the formation of an impermeable barrier. It encourages beading and rolling off of water, dirt and other visibility deterring particles. The better the brand, the more your windscreen will have the chances of staying all clear.

The anti-freeze windshield liquids will prevent the ice build up on your vehicle. The one with better cleaning properties will keep your car and your visibility through the screen clear at all times. You can also pick one with floral or other specific odors.

4. What is the best way to add windshield liquid to my vehicle?

It is a pretty simple task and you just need to take care of a few things. Start with reading the manufacturer’s instruction. Then find the washer reservoir. Now, fill it up till the Max Fill line. If you are not able to locate it then refer to the vehicle manual.

You can dilute the washer liquid or use a ready to use solution. After you are done, just close the lid and do a test run. If the washer liquid is coming onto the windscreen easily then you don’t need to do any further tweaking. The full capacity of the washer reservoir needs to be properly verified to avoid the inconvenient spillage issues.

5. Can I use just water to clean my vehicle?

The washer liquid is only a necessity for those wanting their windscreen to become and stay spotless. Using just water will never bring the same results to the table. And the untreated water is known to have a very low freezing point.

How To Clean Windshield

You need to take into consideration the various benefits that you take for granted while using a reliable washer fluid. You never have to worry about the bug splatter, tree sap droppings, and other stubborn stains and scratches.

Using just water over them will smear them all over your windscreen. And it will freeze up pretty fast making your windscreen crusty and covered in spots. Always use a suitable windshield cleaner to wipe off all the gunk from your windscreen and keep it that way for a long time.

These are few of the most common consumer doubts and queries that you will not have to worry about anymore.

Wet Drive Ahead: How To Prepare

The responsible ones among us are always one step ahead in getting their cars detailed regularly. But, even they don’t know or pay attention to the glass detailing process. Glass detailing is as much if not more important than the car detailing process.

It is key to maintaining your visibility on the road and make the surface less prone to attracting the dust. Following are the few main ways to prepare your windshield for all kinds of wet weather situations:

1. Clay Bar Usage

The versatility of the clay bar makes it suitable for cleaning a variety of surfaces. You can detail the paint and glass with the same ease using this clay bar. All you will need to perform this procedure is a spray bottle full of distilled water/washer fluid and a clay bar.

Start with kneading the clay into a more easily attachable shape. Clean the surface properly beforehand. Now, spray some cleaner liquid on the target surface. Start making left-right motion with the clay over the surface with light pressure. Spray more liquid if the clay starts to stick.

This process will help in removing gunk and watermarks from the surface. It is quite easy to perform and requires no expensive tools. You can easily carry out this process using your bare hands and just a spray bottle.

2. Glass Scrubbing

Glass scrubbing is much gentle and effective when compared to the strong chemical compounds. It only requires a soft microfiber cloth and a spray bottle. It is an advanced version of the claybar application. You can remove the signs of years of neglect with the help of this powerful technique.

Start with taking a coin-sized scrub product and begin rubbing it in a circular fashion. The surface should be thoroughly cleaned and made wet with glass cleaner sprayed over it. Only after this, you should proceed with the scrubbing. Always keep the pressure light.

The surface should always be wet during the scrubbing process too. After you are done with it, you will just need to wash it off. Afterward, wipe it dry with a clean and dry microfiber cloth. You will surely be able to recover most of the lost shine of your windscreen this way.

3. Watermark and Acid Rain Removal

If the claybaring and glass scrubbing does not give you satisfactory results then there is a more extreme method. These powerful chemicals are not for the newbies. You need to be extremely careful while using this. Else, you can cause some serious damage to your hands as well as your cars.

Always carry out their usage in a well-ventilated place to prevent poisoning by the toxic fumes. Clean the surface properly before getting started with these strong compounds. Use a sponge applicator to evenly apply the product all over the surface in a circular motion. Keep it away from the paint, molding and plastic trim.

Always use protective gloves to protect your hands while dealing with these strong chemicals. After you have covered the entire area, rinse it off with water. Wipe it dry and inspect if you need to repeat the process after some time.

4. Use a Premium Windshield Treatment Liquid

Once you have revived the old shine and perfect form of the glass, you can think about applying the windshield treatment liquid to it. It helps in maximizing the output of your efforts and assists in delaying the renewal of the application too.

You will get outstanding anti-freeze and water repellent quality with the help of this product. Its application is pretty simple and you can apply it on the windshield as well as the windows. Clean the surface before application and wash it off afterward once the desired result is attained.

It will minimize the requirement of using the wiper blades. The screen becomes so protected from the stains and the incoming debris that nothing sticks to its surface. Thus you are able to enjoy a spotless screen for months without having to touch up.

5. Fill Up Washer Fluid

Firstly, you need to make sure that it is the washer reservoir and not the radiator coolant reservoir. Trust us, this mess up happens way more than it should. Then, pick a suitable washer fluid from the market after a quick research.

You don’t want to use the tap water, dishwasher fluid or the laundry detergent in this case. Their minerals and other compounds might end up clogging or corroding the pipes from inside. Always stick to a washer fluid that goes perfectly with the vehicle’s instructions.

You might get a properly diluted and ready to use mixture. But if you have gotten a hang of this process then you can dilute it yourself according to current requirements. Always use distilled water for dilution and nothing else.

6. Wiper Condition

It is always a good idea to replace the wipers after every six months or after you cross the ten thousand km mark, whichever comes first. You might also want to replace them if they screech during use and show visible signs of damage.

Being outside the car, they are constantly getting exposed to extreme weather conditions. The sunlight and grime further accelerate their deterioration. You need to keep the wipers in the premium form to make sure that your windscreen never suffers.

You might want to check if you need to change just the wiper blades or the entire wiper assembly. Ask around a bit or consult the shop staff directly. Get wipers of the perfect fit for your vehicle and welcome the winter or rainy season in the safest possible manner.

7. Make it Fog Free

A foggy windscreen is like a game of Russian Roulette when your life is at stake. You don’t need to put your life in danger this way every time your screen fogs up. Instead get an effective anti-fog spray or solution. This will help in keeping the screen least susceptible to fogging up.

Foggy Windscreen

You can also use it on the rear-view mirrors and the side windows. This way you will never have to struggle with the visibility issues through the glass on your vehicle. Use the air conditioner to blow wet and dry air through the ducts. This will keep you and the glass panes of your car dry throughout the season.

These were few of the crucial ways using which you can instantly brace up your windshield for the upcoming wet weather conditions. Pick the ones that suit your current requirements and budget the best. Do it yourself or get a professional to get the job done for you without putting the condition of your vehicle in danger.


Rainy season is a great time to enjoy great food with even greater company. Don’t let the worry of your foggy windscreens keep you from enjoying it fully. Just get a suitable rain repellent today and make the most of every season throughout!

The Nasiol GlasShield Wipe-On Nano Rain Repellent Wipes is our top suggestion for 2022. It has been designed to withstand chemicals and other pollutants that your vehicle might come in contact with on the road. Keep your car under a clean and shaded place for 24 hours right after application for best results.

Which rain repellent are you using at present? What do you like and dislike about it? Let us know all about it in the comment section below. Tell us what you want to read about next and we will be more than happy to give you a valuable scoop of the same!