Best Tires For Toyota Prius Reviews: 2022 Edition

Update – November, 2019

[We’re afraid that the product #4 on our list (Sumic GT-A Tire) has been discontinued. However, that doesn’t affect our final verdict for the best tire for Toyota Prius currently available on the market.]

We did a considerable amount of in-depth research and compared over 7 different popular tire brands. And finally, we have reached the conclusion that the Michelin Primacy MXM4 Touring Radial Tire is the most dependable option out there in terms of best tires for Toyota Prius. It makes sure that you have a skid-free and comfortable journey season after season.

When you are on a budget, go for the Milestar MS932 All-Season Radial Tire. It will make sure that you don’t lose the grip on the road or on your wallet!

We wish to have a smooth ride every season of every year, in terms of our car and in life! But how many times do we actually sit down and do the necessary homework/research for it?

[If you live in a cold place and own a Prius, read this article too.]

So let us familiarize ourselves with the main factors that we need to consider before scrolling through the best tires for Toyota Prius.

Factors To Consider Before Buying

Only a handful of true Prius aficionados actually know what is best for their vehicle in various different aspects. Take a look at the following main factors to know if you are a part of that rare breed too.


Unless you are going to measure the height of Everest on these four wheels, you don’t need to go for the tires with chunky lugs and aggressive tread patterns. A smart Prius owner basically uses this recliner-on-wheels for the relaxed commute purposes only.

So it only makes sense to go for the all-weather tire option that will make sure you get a good grip on the road whether it rains or snows. By making this choice you will also be getting a good mileage per liter of the fuel. The overall handling of the vehicle becomes much simpler for you with the light tread and sleek pattern tires.


Most of the Prius owners have that certain tire preference according to their surrounding weather condition. On this basis, the three main categories of tires are – all season, summer and winter. All season tires are a hit in this domain since they make it easy on us to get the traction feature of winter tires and the smooth ride comfort of summer tires together in a single package.

Best Tires For Prius

However, if you experience a long summer or an extended winter then you can make the choice accordingly. This way you will be maximizing the benefit of your purchase for the better part of the year.


The cutthroat market competition has made things a lot easier for the buyers out there. Even the technical jargon related to the dimensions of an average tire has been highly simplified with the help of a variety of online tools. Now, all we need to do is just let the cursor hover over the tire image and we will get all the required information in the optimal form.

You will easily be able to know the width, load index, speed rating and diameter of your prospective purchase without even breaking a sweat. Thus you will be able to make a smart decision keeping in mind all your important requirements.


Here comes the age-old debate and this applies to not just the tires but a lot of devices we use on a daily basis. Is it better to go for an expensive option and make it work for a good amount of time? Or the most affordable options make for a better choice since you can replace them on a regular basis to revive the usage experience multiple times?

The answer lies in moderation when it comes to the price and use. You don’t want to break the bank and later realize that the tires don’t even fit the bill. Neither do you want to go with the too good to be true deals that might end up with you being stranded somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Now it is time to explore our top selections and what makes them great with some scope for improvement.

Best Tires For Toyota Prius

There is no shortage of good options when it comes to best tires for the Toyota Prius. And that makes it all the more important for you to go through this list. Because then you will not be lost in the information overload and would still be able to avail the best that the current market scene has to offer.

1. Michelin Primacy MXM4 Touring Radial Tire

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Main Features

The owners of the Michelin Primacy MXM4 Touring Radial Tire are in for 360 degrees customer satisfaction. The all season safety feature makes it possible for you to drive around day after day throughout the year without worrying about the driving conditions.

The firm grip of the tires makes your Prius gallop on the road like a purebred. The easy handling and premium ride quality reduces the buying conundrum for you when you are spoilt for choices. At slightly over $140, you will find them worthy of every single penny without any regret over the purchase.


  • MaxTouch Construction of the tread design maintains even tread wear.
  • Various biting edges over the surface offer all-season grip to enjoy a smooth commute for numerous miles.
  • Being a luxury car maker, their tires perform brilliantly in the toughest of conditions.
  • Better traction in both rain and snow in provided with the sunflower oil additive present in the tread compounds.
  • Better braking and handling controls are made possible along with keeping in mind all the major concerns of the buyer.


  • Few customers are complaining of receiving a faulty product.
  • These tires don’t cushion the bumps on the road throughout the ride.

2. Yokohama Avid Touring S All-Season Tire

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Main Features

These tires are perfect if you own a minivan, sedan or coupes. These are all -season tires that make your journey smooth no matter what the weather condition. They have been designed to handle varying amounts of rain and snow without making you suffer through any discomfort or damage.

You can be rest assured about the smooth handling, ride quality, maximum traction and durability no matter when and where you choose to travel with them. Priced at just around $65, you can replace them anytime you feel the need of doing so without worrying about disrupting your budget.


  • Makes the vehicle and overall driving experience highly responsive to your prompts.
  • S- and T-speed rated durability ensures you about both safety and comfort no matter where you are headed to.
  • You can also avail original equipment replacement warranty without any exhausting interrogation session.
  • Enjoy a good amount of use and quality experience, thanks to the incorporated Tri-Plex tread compound.
  • You don’t have to buy the entire set every time you feel like replacing only a single tire of this brand.


  • In some cases, the performance dwindles after just 6 months of use.
  • The tires slide in wet condition as reported by a few buyers.

3. Hankook Optimo H724 All-Season Tire

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Main Features

Quality and affordability rarely go hand in hand. But the Hankook Optimo H724 All-Season Tire makes it very much possible for you to enjoy the best in tire technology without selling an arm and leg for it. These tires are known for offering better noise and handling controls. This way you get to experience the best of on-road comfort at the very affordable price of approximately $55.


  • Refined Pitch design technology makes for a quieter and more desirable ride.
  • Durability is maximized with the help of high hardness bead filler.
  • Center rib block makes it much more stable and easier to handle when you are changing your direction.
  • The tires are made to last even longer and serve you better with the help of Single-strand bead wire.
  • Brake performance and overall toughness are improved manifolds with the help of jointless full cover.


  • These tires tend to give up when coming in contact with a lot of potholes consistently.
  • Sometimes the delivery of the product might take longer than expected.

4. Sumic GT-A All-Season Radial Tire

Main Features

Even with the impossibly low price of around $47, you can expect a powerhouse performance with the dynamic Sumic GT-A All-Season Radial Tire. It is designed for vehicles such as coupes, sedans and smaller crossovers which covers a major portion of the vehicle owners. The tire design has been optimized tirelessly to deliver the unbeatable performance to its lucky owners.


  • Superior water evacuation is facilitated with the help of Circumferential center channel and extended lateral grooves.
  • Minimal noise and maximum comfort are made possible with the help of Tread block sipping.
  • Incredibly comfortable ride and heightened stability are provided by the innovative design of the symmetrical 4-Rib pattern.
  • Skid-proof driving and better control over the car is enabled with the introduction of advanced tread compound.
  • You remain in full control of the car even at higher speed because of the high rigidity construction of the tires.


  • Some tires have been received in damaged form.
  • A handful of buyers are also complaining about the poor durability of the product.

5. Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus All-Season Radial Tire

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Main  Features

Mileage is the one aspect of driving that is often unknowingly omitted by the tire manufacturers. But, this concern has been taken care of in the latest Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus All-Season Radial Tire. These tires add as much as 20 extra miles to your vehicle per tank. Priced at just under 100 bucks, they will earn back their value within a few months of use.


  • These tires are designed to give you the best performance all year round.
  • Optimal fuel efficiency is the main goal of these tires thus making is easier on your pocket.
  • Comes with the reassuring limited warranty of 70000 miles tread-wear.
  • You can even avail their cheap installation at Walmart.
  • Some users have reported as much as 5% increase in their total MPG (Miles per Gallon).


  • If not bought from the right place, they often come in poor packaging.
  • They are not as amazing performance-wise when compared to other tires in the same price bracket.

6. Milestar MS932 All-Season Radial Tire

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Main Features

These tires are known for their good cornering performance and traction in their domain. They improve the response time of the vehicle making you feel fully in control of your vehicle. The treadlife on these tires is pretty good and they also offer amazing grip in water. At the incredible price of just under 50 dollars, they offer a hard to pass deal.


  • Have been known to offer excellent wet and dry traction during the commute.
  • Their design is quite attractive and efficient to minimize the road noise.
  • Belongs to the ‘50,000-mile tire’ club which makes it even more suitable choice.
  • Able to provide you with the performance equivalent to the tires of much higher price bracket.
  • Many exciting offers are also available on these tires when bought from the right place and at the right time.


  • They might not be as durable as marketed by the manufacturers.
  • You might feel all the bumps on the road while driving around with them.

7. Continental PureContact Radial Tire

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Main Features

It is one of those heavy duty tires that become your only companion when you are chasing the horizon on a deserted road. These all-season tires are designed to be your best bet in scorching summer, freezing snow and when it rains cats and dogs. The reasonable pricing at around $89 has made them an instant hit among the seasoned Prius owners.


  • Low rolling resistance and extended treadlife make them a well-thought out purchase.
  • Innovative ComfortRide Technology does what exactly it sounds like thus adding more comfort to your trip.
  • Improve the fuel efficiency of your Prius with the help of its EcoPlus Technology.
  • The badge of ‘70,000-mile treadwear warranty’ makes it all the more appealing to the consumers.
  • The Tuned Performance DWS (Dry, Wet, Snow) Indicators on the tire’s rim disappear when it is time to change them for better control.


  • The fuel economy claim is not met with the performance of these tires.
  • These tires are not as resistant to the harsh summer and erode at a much faster rate during those times.


Now you know exactly which tire is best for your requirements so that you don’t have to go through any more reviews of the best tires for Toyota Prius. Our suggestion for the same is the Michelin Primacy MXM4 Touring Radial Tire when you are looking for the best option out there.

Did we address all your concerns? Did you find your favorite brand in the above list? Let us know all about it in the comment section below. And while you are at it, quickly share it with your friends and family over their socials to stay in touch with them in the social universe!