10 Feelings Every SUV Owner Will Relate To

SUVs. People who have one seem to live in a world of their own.

As if they have been upgraded to a better life. They never seem to complain about car space, potholes on the road or life in general. So what is it that makes them so zen?

Do zen people choose SUVs or the comforts of an SUV make them this zen?

You will know all these secrets and more if you are the proud owner of one. Will you let me in on it too?

Let’s make a deal. I will try to guess around 10 things that only a true blue SUV owner will know. If I am not too off, you will let me in on your well-kept SUV owner secrets in the comment section below.

Are you game for it? Cool.

Let the guessing games begin!

10 Feelings Every SUV Owner Will Relate To

These are few of the things that I have noticed commonly among the SUV owners. I doubt their life may actually be as perfect as it seems!

1. They Travel With Their World

They can easily make the trade-off between people and the luggage according to the situation. If they want to carry more along with them, they simply fold the rear seating and make room. In fact, it even serves as the wardrobe on the go when they have nowhere better to change.

SUV Boot Space

They use it to carry furniture, bicycles, flee market steals and any other possible item that might be too big for an average passenger car. That is why we see more of them since people are done compromising with their traveling style. The SUVs owners seamlessly make the transition from the city to the woods and back into the city on the move!

2. Friends And Family Can Tag Along With You

Depending on how much you are fond of them, it can be a good or bad thing! You can never complain about car space. We all know you have the cool 3-row setup going on in your spacious car. Around 7 people can easily be seated in there. And when its family or friends, you can always adjust.

Family SUV

So the next time you plan on taking only the select few with you, try giving your SUV a rest for that day. Or, you can try carpooling with your passenger car-owning friends and experience how us commoners drive. This will really make you appreciate your prized SUV if you didn’t do so before.

3. You (in your SUV) are Too Cool to Ignore

You might already know it but try to play it cool. In 2017, the SUVs accounted for over 34 percent of the global car sales. People are buying it for both utility and style. Nothing says you drive as you please like an SUV. People go for it because of its bold colors and striking style.

Stylish SUV

You won’t see a beige colored SUV tiptoeing through the potholes on the road. They arrive in style and exit roaring. And we don’t even seem to mind it. They drive smooth, they look good, we just hope our friendship with your SUV..sorry…you always stay strong!

4. You go All Moses on Flooded Roads

The wrath of the sea god has been unleashed on us mortals. The whole ocean is roaring and ready to swallow the entire land. But just in time, an SUV stops by. An SUV owner like you gets down from it and orders the thundering sea to make way.

SUV in Water

We all witness the miracle. The sea stays parted and we all are rescued to safety! That is exactly how the SUV owners feel during floods and heavy rains. They know their flood driving skills are on point and they can count on their SUV for this ride. Thanks to these everyday heroes we somehow survive!

5. You Know The Price

The SUV owners enjoy the good life because they pay a good price for it. The top-rated SUV models of today are significantly costlier than their humble counterparts. And that translates to higher maintenance and parts replacement too.

SUV Price

We might get a bit envious with the wide range of benefits that you SUV owners seem to enjoy. But, with that kind of investment, you very well deserve it. You are getting rewarded in the best possible manner with your choice now. That explains why you never switch to any other type of car.

6. Oil Price Blues Are Not for You

The reason we never see the SUV owners getting overly frantic about the oil prices is quite simple. They know they have got the best option in terms of fuel efficiency. Every new SUV model is improvising on the oil saving techniques making the fuel efficiency quotient better than before.

SUV Fuel Efficiency

They have the aerodynamic design of the vehicle on their side. The material used in the car body is lighter to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. Use of smaller displacement engines, implementation of the fuel-saving methodologies in the various operations within the car further helps in slashing the overall oil consumption.

7.  Your Kids And Pets Are So Lucky

The kids of an SUV owner don’t know the troubles of being in a cramped up car. They thankfully don’t associate claustrophobia with their family trips. That is just for us less fortunate ones who have experienced the misery of getting stuffed into a sedan or hatchback like cattle.

Kids in Car

Even their pets get better treatment on any given day than we get during the entire summer vacation. The entire third row is the playground on the move for their pet. The cargo tray further gives them the freedom to get as messy as they want without getting a proper scolding later on. All your car trips seem like a picnic on the move where you didn’t even have to leave Pluto behind. Now that feels aspirational to me.

8.  Your Car Makes You Drive Safe

Now, we are not dissing your driving skills here. Of course, you are one of the safest drivers in the world. But, you have also got it considerably easy than the rest of us. If unfortunately, you ever get into an accident, the other smaller car is going to absorb the lion’s share of the damage.

SUV Driving Safety

The tough and heavy structure of the SUV usually transfers the major share of impact back to the colliding vehicle. You don’t have to worry about the bumpy roads, challenging terrains, and the reckless drivers. The plans you and your group makes hardly gets affected by all these menial details.

Not that we needed any more reasons to feel envious about your driving life but now even the rollover issue has been fixed for the SUVs. That did dampen your spirits for a while since it was one of the major issues bothering your segment of vehicles. But thankfully, all is good now in your universe. Don’t forget to include us in if you can in your upcoming adventures!

9.  Everything looks Better from Your Spot

So, whenever I would be lucky enough to get a ride in one of these SUVs, my whole perception would literally change. And that is not my fault. It is the better command seating arrangement that you guys enjoy on a daily basis. I used to think it is just my fascination but a quick Google search proved otherwise.

SUV Driver's View

I came to know that your elevated seats let you get a good view as you cruise through the plains and mountains. The people traveling along with you get to enjoy the moving scenery outside their windows in a bigger frame. You don’t even know what is FOMO since your SUV never puts you in a situation where you have to miss out on anything.

It is not just all the comforts that these SUVs bring to the table. It is actually easy to get in and out of your amazingly comfortable cars. The better ingress and egress setting is what makes everything a bit better for people getting into or out of your car so convenient. So the next time someone is killing your buzz, you can just say, “Begone Peasant!”.

10.  Outdoors Are Made For Your Car

I like going off the road into the wild once in a while but not my car. So, now I just experience them through Pinterest backgrounds. Of course, you can’t relate to that. I think most of the SUV owners don’t even know what it feels like being limited by their cars.

SUV Off Roading

You just wake up, feel like driving to the hills and get set go. The annoyance that comes with pushing your car up the hill because you at least want to reach a safer location is unheard in your community.

That is why the outdoorsy people hardly go very far from the SUV segment in their driving preferences. That makes so much sense. I used to think they have a special trick of making their car run smoothly up and down the hill.

Poor naive me! If only I could experience this carefree SUV universe first hand.

The Flip Side

So, the sadist in me did a bit of digging around. There have to be at least a few troubles that you SUV owners can relate to. I was sounding like the stealth promoter of the SUV category until now in this article. But, I found the dirt!

Too Big For City Life

The cities we live in hardly have any space left for us. And, you expect to find enough room for your humongous cars. That just makes me smirk deviously on the inside. See, we don’t get much to feel superior about as compared to SUV owners so I am going to relish this small win of mine.

SUV In Traffic

The jam-packed petite roads seem perfect for our tiny cars in which we can manage to fit ourselves. We just stop breathing for a while and resume it only after reaching the destination. That’s our system. Too bad your SUV cannot do the same!

All the Huffing and Puffing

So the topic of SUVs came up the last time I was talking to Gaia – the spirit of the earth. She didn’t seem too fond of your choice of vehicle. She claims it puts twice the pollution into the environment and is not good for an already struggling atmosphere.

SUV Pollution

I just felt so good about my teeny-weeny car then. Finally, someone found me and my choices responsible, even if it was an unintentional one. The resource requirement of the SUVs is quite high as compared to the average sedan and hatchbacks. They put higher pressure on the environment with their greater emission levels on a daily basis. If only you would have taken my random advice on time!

Big Appetite for Big Cars

You need to feed your dragon on wheels twice the amount of fuel than an average car to maintain its performance. Of course, it means that you will receive twice the benefits too but this splurge mode cannot always be on.

SUV Disadvantages

Us sedan owners never commit the mistake of even including words like splurge and comfort in our dictionary! I think I am going to feel a lot less contradicted/jealous the next time I see you leisurely driving in your flamboyant SUV. I would know, you have your own struggles just like mine. And you ain’t that lucky. I feel better already!

These small childish victories are what fuels my giant ego that can even give your larger-than-life SUV a run for the money!


Jokes apart, SUVs are one of the best cars out there in the market today for people who love to stay both on and off the road. It all comes down to what you want from your vehicle. Most of us do like a car that can take us places without shrinking us to the size of garden gnomes while traveling in them. SUVs take care of that in almost all kinds of terrains. Aside from the few minor flaws, it makes for a pretty decent ride.

All you SUV owners out there, spill the things you love/hate about your car in the comment section below. Also, invite your friends and family to this challenge on your socials and lets open this Pandora box of SUV secrets wide open.