Are You Unknowingly Polluting The Environment? Here Are 12 Tips To Reduce Harmful Emissions

As opposed to the misguided and ignorant belief, the hole in the ozone layer is real. You can’t see it with the naked eye just like you cannot see the harmful UV rays. But that does not stop you from buying sunscreen because you are smarter than that. Similarly, it’s about time we do something to reduce harmful emissions too.

Around 20 pounds of carbon dioxide gets released into the air when a gallon of diesel/gasoline is burnt in the engine vehicles. Now, we are not stopping using cars and other vehicles anytime soon. So the next best thing to do here is to reduce the level of harmful emissions from them.

Else, the mythical apocalypse will be a reality not so far into the future.

Easy Tips To Reduce Harmful Emissions

There are a number of ways that can be easily implemented in our daily routine to reduce the toxic emission levels drastically. Few of them are as follows:

Go for the Electric/Hybrid Vehicle

This might not be applicable to everyone but for those who are in the market for a new car. The price is just slightly higher than the traditional models. But you get upgraded to the futuristic technology that is gentle on the environment you live in and breath.

Electric Vehicle

An HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle)/ PHEV(Plug-in Electric Vehicle)/ EV (Electric Vehicle) is capable of cutting back on three to four thousand pounds of carbon dioxide emissions into the environment with annual use. The gaping oil shortage further strengthens the case for opting an EV over the traditional polluting options.

Turn Off during Idle Times

The serpentine traffic jams continue to sprawl everywhere nowadays. And, we cannot completely eliminate them from the face of the earth as much as we want to. But we can control the extra carbon dioxide and other toxic emissions that are released into the atmosphere during these idle times.

Traffic Jam

This is good for the environment and for your pocket. Make it a point to shut the gas whenever you sense around 10 seconds of idle time approaching. It can be when the red light is on, the traffic is exceptionally slow or any other reason that slows down our journey. Shutting the gas off during such idle times will give you one more reason to be happy about that day.

Liquid Fuel Catalyst

If you own a diesel/gasoline-run vehicle then you will be better off with the liquid fuel catalysts. They offer you a way to make your contribution to saving the environment. You can add it to your fuel to reduce the level of the greenhouse and toxic gas emissions into the environment.

Not only this but they also improve your fuel economy and drastically improve the engine power. While picking one of these for your four-wheeler, always go for the tested and branded options. This catalyst will help your car burn fuel in a cleaner and greener manner by working at the molecular level.

Enjoy the Benefits of Sharing Economy

For all those who already know and practice the rewarding art of carpooling or ride sharing, keep up the good work! For the rest of you, it is time you get on this time, money and environment saving plan. The idea is simple.

Public Transport

At least once a week, all you guys in a building, block or team can share the ride to your same/different destinations. It is effective because the number of 4-wheelers on road is close enough to outnumber the living beings on the planet soon. This travesty is thanks to those who insist on matching their Ferrari with their outfit of the day and those who can’t bear the embarrassment of posting the same car more than once on their social media feed.

You can also go for public transport and any other eco-savvy way of commuting. Gradually increase the number of days you practice this sensible act to help heal our planet sooner.

Regular Car Maintenance

It is not just for the environment but your car and well being too. You are often advised to regularly get your car serviced to keep it running better and longer. It also makes sure that your car does not give up at the worst possible moment and you as well as your family is left at the mercy of the passers-by.

Car Maintenance

Make it a point to get your car serviced according to the prescribed schedule in the car manual. This way you will be saving enough every month in terms of better fuel economy and the undesirable sudden repairs that are guaranteed to mess up your monthly budget. All this also helps in reducing the level of harmful emissions into the environment.

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Smart Driving for Your Vehicle and The Environment

Your life is not a cartoon or car chase sequence. So what is the point of driving like a maniac and making your car along with the surrounding ecosystem suffer the brunt of it? Ease on both the brake and the gas pedal. Try gradually increasing your speed and bringing your car to a gradual halt.

Driving Style Optimization

Thank god your life is not a James Bond movie. All the wear and tear you have been putting on your car with your rash driving on a regular basis worsens your chances of being a good driver and a spy! The next time, drive slower and smarter to save your car, the environment and maybe one day the world!

May Be its Time to Upgrade

The soaring fuel prices are putting even the Everest to shame with their steepness. You add to the misery of an already struggling ecosystem by sticking to a diesel/gasoline run vehicle. So, why not to get a nice upgrade this beautiful season? Now, we are not suggesting getting rid of your brand new car and get yourself drowned in car loans.

Car Upgrade

But, if your car is well into its third or fourth year and you have the financial liquidity then you can at least think about an upgrade for a moment. You will save a ton when you switch from oil to electricity for fuel and thankfully this fuel is not on the brink of extinction. You will be in touch with the latest in terms of car technology and as a bonus will be doing your bit in saving the environment.

Don’t Drive to Everywhere

Always ask yourself before putting the car keys in – Is there another way? And try to avoid driving all by yourself as little as possible. You do not need to drive to the gym, to buy just the toilet paper or just because you are bored. Unless you are learning to drive or are a professional racer, keep your hands off the steering.

Alternatives To Driving

This will only help you and a little bit, your habitat too. Driving for anything and everything has become some sort of knee-jerk response in our daily life. It comes so naturally to us that we need to make extra effort to remove this vice form our daily habits. Try walking, taking the subway or carpooling to most of your daily commutes because you absolutely can and its about time you start doing so!

Pick the Premium Fuel

The premium fuel does not come cheap but it pays in terms of better fuel economy and car performance. Most of the car owners aim at saving a few bucks by going for the regular fuel and let their vehicle deal with the after effects. But if you care about your car and a bit about the environment then always go for the premium fuel.

It contains active cleaning agents. This helps in clean burning of the fuel. All the transmission channels throughout the vehicle remain unclogged and the vehicle emits lesser toxic gases this way. Your fuel economy improves and the load on your car also lessens with the help of a powerful fuel.

Give the premium fuel a try at least 3 or 4 times to notice the difference that it brings to your journey. The performance will vary depending upon the nature of the track, the age of the vehicle, your driving style and a number of other factors. But still, the performance improvement and reduction in emission levels that it brings to your car are worth those few extra bucks.

Regularly Change Air Filters

Unclogged and efficient air filters maintain an optimum air transmission level to your car’s engine. You need to replace these air filters at regular intervals to maintain the performance of your car and the engine. Failing to do this adversely affects your car as much as the environment.

The clogged up air filters reduce air supply to the engine and drastically reduce the fuel economy. Your engine will continuously be burning more fuel to make up for the lack in the air supply. This will cause greater toxic emissions into the environment.

More pressure will be exerted on the engine and other crucial parts of your car. Soon the corrosive deposits will start appearing over and around the engine thus weakening your car from inside out. The best way to get rid of this trouble from the root is to stick to the servicing routine. Replace the air filters at regular intervals to prevent it from snowballing into a disaster.

Minimize The Use Of AC

We like the insides of our car to feel breezy in the summer and toasty in winters. And that is all right until we don’t insist on making the engine work extra hard for its sake. You might not notice but once the temperature inside has been brought to the desired level it can be better maintained by the car’s climate control system.

Air Conditioner

This way you will not be burning more fuel than required and troubling your vehicle’s engine unnecessarily. Burning more fuel means a greater level of toxic emissions into the environment than required. Avoid rolling down the car windows or cranking the AC and opt for the control system fitted within the car as much as possible.

The fans will help in maintaining the desired temperature by conducting proper air distribution. Make it a habit to turn off the AC few minutes before reaching the destination. Turn it on only when absolutely necessary to give you and your car’s immune system the required rest.

Optimize the Driving Style

When you drive better, your car thanks you and so does the environment. In the latest tech-savvy cars, you can easily get a record of your driving style and helpful suggestions to eliminate all the problem areas. When you drive like a maniac making the tires screech as you stomp on the brakes, the car goes into extreme operation mode.

Rash Driving

This translates into burning more fuel to keep up with your unpredictable and rash driving style. If you drive in a more gradual and patient manner, your car gets the time to brace itself for the upcoming action. It continues operation in a more efficient and eco – friendly manner.

Improving your driving style will benefit your car, the environment and consequently yourself. Take this wise step today and make a positive change into your life and your environment. And keep on improving your driving style to reach higher levels of ecological vigilance.


The best kind of progress is far-sighted and sustainable. Let us make an active effort to incorporate being eco-savvy into our favorite commute mediums and practices. Make everyone aware and enthusiastic about the benefits of driving smart and reducing the harmful emission into the environment as much as possible.

Do you own an electric vehicle? How many of these suggestions are you planning to follow? Let us know in the comment section below. Let us know other beneficial ways that help to this cause and make our surroundings clean and green. Forward this article to your friends and family today to make then aware and responsible citizens today!