Watch Out For These Tricks Car Salesmen Use To Manipulate You

You are the prospective commissions as you walk into a car dealership. At least that is how the car salesmen see you. From there onward, it’s a battle of wits. Are you going to win this duel of discounts? Or, are you going to lose terribly and become one of the prized commission trophies of your opponent?

On the surface, it seems all chill and civilized. But don’t let that fool you for one second. It’s a business that runs on profit. And at the end of the day, every sketchy tactic in the book just becomes a smart ploy to good business. Nothing is off-limits.

Let us take a look at few of the most common tricks that every other car salesman can and will pull on an average day.

1. Blurring the Details

This discrepancy is kept to a minimum. So that it can fly right under you radar as you pay it in the form of your monthly instalments. It goes by the name of centing and pencing too. Because it literally comes down to cents. Say, both of you agree to a final payment of 400 dollars per month.

To the finance company approving the loan, it might be submitted as 400.90 dollars per month. It is literally still in cents. But it does add up on a 60-month agreement. And you might never even notice it. But you will still be paying for it with your monthly instalments.

Cents to Nonsense Round-off

It is advisable to ask the dealer about the final full price and not just the round off version. This step will prevent the salesperson from pulling off any other stunt like that. Make sure you sort it out within the first couple of days because by then all the documents will be signed and sealed.

You can get you file reopened. But you know you are not going to do that. It’s too much hassle when everything is already finalized. That is why you speak up right at the time you are signing on those dotted lines. Remember, you can turn the tables on the salesperson and make them realize that they have invested their entire day on this sale too. At that point, they can lose just as much as you. So, play on!

2. Cons by a Con

Life can be pretty fun if you gamify it a bit. This includes everyday events like buying a car. And the best part about games is that either you win or lose and then it is done. You move on to the next game. No residual resentment or feeling of regret. That can be the best approach to this task too.

See, either they are going to win. Or, you will realize in a couple of months that what you thought to be a tie was actually their Trojan win hidden on purpose at that moment. All that matters at the end of all of this is you like your new car. And that’s it.

Twisted Game of Pros

So, one of the common tactics used is the ‘helpful’ pros and cons list. The salesman will personally take out their notepad and write it down for you. Or, that’s the impression they want to leave on you here. They will stack up the pros list within seconds. And to give you a false sense of control they will allow you to fill the cons list. Anytime you are ready now.

So, why do you think we should not close this deal right here right now with this vehicle they made you think is the car of your dreams and the best deal you will get in a million years? The clock is ticking. Are you going to make this very kind sir wait for you all day? If not then spit out some cons already. The cons section of the list is staring back at you. And eventually you give in. They always give in.

3. Taking the Lead from Start

Sometimes the cunning practices might start from the second you step into the dealership. You will be taken in a tour of the place by a seemingly competent salesman. And they will familiarize you with the place. This way they get to know you better and hence can better help you with the process.

Car Salesman

At least, that is what they want you to believe. In some cases, this is the time when they get to calmly and gradually take over the entire trip and your plan for the day. They offer you refreshments and go on to do this pretty impressive game of ‘show-and-tell’. You trust them.

Maze of Unnecessary Details

They make you believe that, just this one time, they are going to get you the best deal in the history of that establishment. Why? Because its your lucky day and they are in a good mood. They are going to be in a good mood everyday for every other prospective customer walking in that door that week.

Soon they will have you buried so deep in the details and random jargon that you get that information overload backsplash. And they can sense it. So, they try to fake simplify the process for you. And from that point onward, its rinse and repeat. Till, they can hit their quota for the day. Its actually an artform. The art of targeted information overload and burgeoning commission!

4. Purposeful Incomplete Finance Approval

Sometimes you might drive away from the dealership with everything that you planned for. But you don’t sell 10 cars in a month. If its too good to be true sometimes it actually is just another façade. So, you got a decent monthly payment plan for your brand-new ride.

And you signed all the papers and were done from your end. And your car salesman made it seem like that that is where the story ends. But that is actually when the plot twist hits. After you are gone, the salesman will on purpose forget to mail in the papers.

Murky Side of The Game

The installment price offered by the finance company on that specific day was 300 dollars per month. As you guys agreed upon. But the salesman conveniently forgets to close the deal that day. And let it fester more for a couple of days to totally screw up your payment plan.

That eventually helps him/her ride up the total profit from the sale. And you are already showing your new ride all your favorite places. This is your car now. Also, your weekends are not meant to just explore the various dealerships of the world. So, you swallow your pride and take up that elevated monthly installment plan which is 350 dollars now. To just be done with this hornet nest.

This brings us to the end of our well-compiled list of classic car salesmen tricks.

How has been your personal experience of buying a car till now? Did you get the deal you were looking for? Did you fall prey to any of the above-mentioned tricks? Tell us in the comment section below. Also, forward this to you friends and family to keep them from making costly mistakes too.