Top 5 Child-Safety Features in Cars: For Your Child’s Safety

If its not safe enough then its not good enough. There is not much that today’s cars can’t provide. And that includes premium levels of safety too. You just need to keep an eye out for the car that is offering the kind of safety cover that you and your family needs.

These safety features are going to not only prevent but also make sure that your car and the members within it suffer minimal damage, if the situation get worse. You can also get the car upgraded and baby-proofed later if you want to add that extra safety layer for your kids.

Let us take a look at the genius safety features out there.

1. Bluetooth Enhancement

You might get a call or two while you drive. Usually, we advise to wait till you reach your destination. But there is another workaround to this. Your phone can still be in the backseat. You can directly pick-up the call from your car and have a seamless and safe conversation while driving.

This means that your eyes are going to be on the road at all times. You will only need to press a button or better yet use the voice-control feature. You still follow the no phone while driving rule. And you don’t need to miss an urgent call ever. Your kids stay safe with you in the car.

Hands-Free Communication

You can use the Amazon’s Alexa or the Google’s smart assistant for this job too. They can help you get in sync with your car’s various devices and use the Bluetooth handsfree technology to pick up calls, navigate and communicate with your car for other sorts of tasks too.

2. Kids Car Seat

If you have an infant then you absolutely need a car seat. You might think that nothing can protect your kid better that you in the case of an accident. But actually, the car seats are designed in a way to keep your kid safe and sound way more than it is humanely possible.

Kids Seat

Perfect for New Parents

The car seats designed especially for kids keep them firmly safe with gentle belts. So, their soft heads and limbs are totally safe in these ergonomically designed seats. Even in the case of an accident, the strong and sturdy contraptions in the seat will keep your kid from propelling forward and getting injured.

On the other hand, your normal weight can cause way more damage to your kid in this situation. For example, in a 40 kmph crash, a 60 kg adult will turn into a 2400 kg force. And your kid on your lap or close to you will be at odds with this level of crushing torque coming their way.

3. Window Tint

There are so many benefits of getting your car windows tinted. First of all, it gives you and your family the privacy to be as you want without every random person getting a peek in. You don’t know what kind of anti-social elements you are waiting next to at the red light.

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Many Benefits

Next, it offers a decent UV protection that comes handy during peak summer months. The summer vacations, waterpark trips; most of the travel happens in the summer when you can finally come out of the hibernation mode. If you and your kids have not mastered the sunscreen game yet then the window tints are the next best option.

Window Tint

Another interesting benefit of the window tints is that it keeps even the shattered glass intact. In case of an accident, if your window glass happens to break then the tint coat can help keep those shattered pieces together. The glass will still be broken and needs to be replaced but none of it will get on your kids sitting next to the window.

4. Backup Camera

The Federal Government requires backup cameras to be installed on all vehicles purchased after 2018. The backup collisions are a major cause of accidents and death in kids under 15 years of age. The backup camera helps you to fix that problem at the source.

They can easily be installed on new and old model at a very nifty price, considering the advantage. They offer expanded visibility to the drivers so that they can drive and park better to keep themselves and the kids withing and outside the vehicle safe.

Better Visibility All-around

The blind spots around the car can be easily avoided with the help of a suitable backup camera installation. This can help you in late-night driving and parking scenarios. The extremes of winter and rainy season, when the sunlight in faintly available, can also be dealt with so much grace with the help of this upgrade.

You can get these cameras integrated in your car brake system. Then you get to decide if the stimulus from the sensors halts the car completely or just flashes a warning on the dashboard.

5. Automatic Emergency Braking

This feature covers both forward and reverse braking. The forward braking makes sure that you and the car in front of you suffers from almost zero damage if it can be helped. The cameras and sensors present on the car keeps track of your movement and the surrounding traffic.

At any point of time if it notices an imminent crash then it is going to activate the brake system. Before, it is executed, it will flash a warning. This will make sure that you either take the necessary step and change the current route or use the brakes.

Intelligent Brakes

If you fail to do so then the car controls will take over and the brakes will be automatically executed. The reverse brakes are usually executed in slower speeds. This action helps you prevent serious loss of people and property.

The insurance claims on a brand-new vehicle with a not-so-seasoned driver behind the wheels can also be avoided with the help of Automatic Emergency Braking. You can get them installed even on your old car. And this investment is going to be well worth with a robust safety structure for your kids while driving.

This brings us to the end of this chapter on car safety.

Is your car safe for your kids? Have you got any similar upgrades done recently? If not then which one of the above are you most likely to try out. Tell us in the comment section below. Also, forward this post to your kith and kins to keep them and their kids safe too.